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DIY Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Dezracer, Mar 11, 2010.


    Dezracer Well-Known Member

    I am looking for opinions or thoughts here.

    After browsing the internet and seeing what other people have come up with for this purpose I've decided what I think would be a good solution that doesn't involve spending a bunch of money.

    In combining 3 different ideas I came up with using a small mason jar (16oz.) and a couple eye droppers.

    Drill 2 holes in the lid of the jar the size of the eye droppers, remove the bulbs from the ends of the eye droppers and insert them into the holes you just drilled. One will serve as a vent tube and the other to take your hit off of.

    All you would then need to do is place the weed in the jar and heat it until you see the vapor via a soldering iron, heat gun, stove, etc...

    I'm going to make one tonight and give it a try. I'll post pics of the assembly and give a report tomorrow.

    What do the peeps think here?

    RickWhite Well-Known Member

    I have never seen a vaporizer but my understanding is that it heats the weed at a temp hot enough to vaporize the THC but not hot enough to burn it.

    My idea would be based on a small tube shaped halogen bulb from a torche lamp - they get hot as shit.

    I would put this bulb in a tube and arranged the tube so the heat would draw through a glass bowl. Plus, if you wired in a dimmer switch you could play with the temperature.

    The best way to do this would be to make a T from pipe. The wires would come through the ends of the T and the heat would draw through the third leg and through the bowl - this way you don't smoke the wires. You could use a can or pipe, insert the bowl through the side and set your halogen heating T on top.

    Does this make sense?
    Wiri Mang

    Wiri Mang Member

    something like this exists its called the aero med 4.0 check it out it could influence your design

    Dezracer Well-Known Member

    I was going for simplicity and safety. Your suggestion sounds like it would work but it's complicated and you're still working with thin glass from the bulb.

    pdillo Well-Known Member

    i tried this en' worked okay - but you really cant beat a bong…

    RickWhite Well-Known Member

    What is hard about wiring up a lamp with a dimmer? All you are doing is making a temprature controlled heat source.

    Actually, if you want easy just get a vapor pipe - the kind they use for crack or meth, put your weed in it. They are the shit for smoking hash oil too. They can also be fitted to bongs. Play with the heat until you get it right.

    Dezracer Well-Known Member

    Well actually there's nothing hard about that at all. Not everyone knows that it's an option. Thanks to the post above yours I now know that's all that you need to do. Once I saw his post I went out last night and got what I needed to make a nice looking one pretty similar to his.

    Here's the pics of the one I put together in a couple hours this morning. I will put a finish on it later, after I see how well it works:

    Attached Files:


    Dezracer Well-Known Member

    I think the total cost on it was around $30-35. Just let it stay on for about 15 minutes to make sure there is nothing that's going to melt and give off any harmful smoke or vapors and it all looks good so I'll give it a shot here in a few.

    RickWhite Well-Known Member

    I don't like that design but if it works... Where does the weed go? Does it just heat it from beneath and fill up the jar?

    I would think the best design would draw hot air through the weed.

    Dezracer Well-Known Member

    The weed goes inside the brass cap (sandwiched between 2 screens). The heat source is under it inside the threaded brass tube. The only place for air to enter is through the brass tube so, since heat rises, the air passes through the weed ever so slightly. Once you see a little vapor coming out of the top you know its ready to draw off of. When you take your hit the air is drawn through the weed, into the vase and then into the vinyl tube.
    It's simple (only 3 pieces of brass threaded together and a light bulb with a dimmer) and there's no thin glass to work with. It could be made using many different types of bases and tops.
    It works pretty good once you figure out what setting on the dimmer works best. I have a digital vape that I purhcased and the major difference seems to be the internal thermostat. It keeps the vape at a consistent temp. The light bulb one is not as consistent. that and it's way more convenient to reload the glass whip than unscrewing the cap and pulling the screens out.

    Dezracer Well-Known Member

    I made one of the Mason jar ones too and it's quicker and simpler to use. I set a pie tin on the stove, turned the stove on and set the jar in the pie tin. The weed started to produce vapor pretty quick since glass gets hot so quickly so I picked it up by the lid which wasn't too hot to touch yet and took a nice hit. I have the vent tube long enough to almost touch the bottom of the jar and the other tube is way up by the lid, the air has to pass through the weed for the most part when you take a hit. It's not perfect but it worked pretty good too.

    prllystoned Member


    EvlMunkee Well-Known Member

    I have never used a vape but I am thinking of making one.
    All this talk about DIY vaporizers makes me think about a pipe I made back in the late 70s.
    It was a laboratory flask that had a stopper in the top. The stopper had 2 tubes. I put the flask on a stand and used a bunsen burner beneath it. (A bunsen burner is just a small bottle with alcohol and a wick). I put another flask with the same kind of stopper beside it and filled it with water. Then I ran a tube from the 1st flask to the 2nd flask. I put a tube leaving the 2nd flask to suck the smoke. I put the weed in the 1st flask and lit the burner. When the weed smoldered, I watched it fill up and then sucked it out through the water filled flask. I got some huge, lung expanding hits from that pipe!
    I would think the same principal would work for a vaporizer. I like the idea of using electricity to better control the temps though.
    I got all of these supplies at a hobby shop that sold chemistry sets and such. It really didn't cost much to make.
    Yeah it was a little bit elaborate but I enjoyed it. Ahhhhh...sweet memories!
    Maybe I'll try to refine it for vaporizing.:idea:

    DivinePower Well-Known Member

    If your looking to build your own vape the best thing you can do is start saving the money for those ideas on the side... smoke a bowl till the idea passes.

    Then when you have 100-140 saved up... go on the internet... purchases the volcano chamber and bag setup. NOT the base. Its an expensive, self regulating heat gun. So what do you do there? Go buy an INEXPENSIVE, semi-self regulating heat gun. Find one with temperature adjustments close to what you need... And your good to go. Works just like a volcano when you figure it all out. Everyone begs me to fire it up. Small hint though - ditch the volcano bags.. go to the grocery store in the storage bag isle... grab a box of turkey roasting bags. Works perfect for smoking up a few people. Not so good for smoking by yourself though. Unless you want to get mega ripped.

    Got this idea from a post on here. Been loving it ever since!

    Tanuvan Well-Known Member

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