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Diy Hang Multiple Reflectors Easy!

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by drgreentm, May 14, 2011.


    drgreentm Well-Known Member

    whats up everybody had somebody tell me i should post this in the diy sec for people looking to do this same thing. i looked and didnt find anybody who had done this (sure it has been done) but here is a few pics of my room, the hangers of course and some bud shots for anybody interested.

    now the hangers where made from 2 sets of ratchet pulleys from ebey, i do know hydrofarm and many other companies make these i just got some off ebay not even sure the brand name but they work well. they say they can handle 150lbs and i have about 80 lbs hanging from each set and they are doing fine. now the pipe i used is 1" IMC Rigid electrical conduit and i barely flexes i just measured to my liking and cut to size then drilled for the 3/8 eye hooks (i believe that was the size) and used larger lag hooks in the ceiling.

    thats about it simple but effective lol. anyway happy growing everybody and keep it green.

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    budlover13 King Tut

    Always good to see someone inventive come up with a design that works for them. i truely believe that i can design the best equipment for my specific needs and the same applies to others. Not to mention the satisfaction of coming up with something new. +Rep for sharing!

    drgreentm Well-Known Member

    thanks a bunch man and i agree with you 100% only the grower knows what suits there needs, making the room is half the fun the other half is harvesting lol. +rep back to you my friend.

    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    Nice work man.
    I like it. Simple and easy.

    DCgrow505 Active Member

    it works great did the same thing and has made things much more easy as hell to raise them now

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