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DIY Fabric Pots: Jumpman Pipe

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by PurpleRhinoceros, Dec 3, 2010.


    PurpleRhinoceros Active Member

    Fabric Pots are becoming more popular for all forms of growing including hydroponics. Yet, it's a wonder that there aren't more brands out there and new designs to make us all happy. So far I've noticed Smart Pot added a "Handled" design to their product line up. Ok, but where are all the cool pots? Unfortunately this project would have to be trademarked or if you did try to make money off making this you would probably be sued. Let's call that company Pretendo. Even though it is not original, it's fun. If you get creative you can come up with your own ideas. Square and cube shapes can be done. Even a triangular pyramid can be done with fabric. So why stop at handles?

    Plumber's Pipe Pot
    Warning: Jumping On Top of Pot and Crouching will not take you underground. Also beware that this is time consuming. So take it easy, if you want to just put it down and finish later, by all means take a break.

    For materials, I personally got my Felts from the local Fabrics and Crafts store. As you should know WalMart is a considerable option. The Felts I have chosen are made from 100% recycled Plastic Bottles. Often this information is written on the label. (This is the same on the label for Roots and Smart Pots). Felt comes in either sheets or rolls. This project requires some by the roll and some by stiffened sheets. The stiffened sheet for the base and the softer rolled felt is for the walls of the pot. The largest circle to choose from a 9''x12" sheet of felt was 9" in diameter. The 9" diameter times the "Pi" is roughly how long I want my rectangle piece for the walls. I throw on a couple extra inches just to mess with. I decide to go with a rectangle that will make the walls 18" high and 32" long round the base. That way I can do a little cutting later.

    Materials Needed:
    1 Sewing Needle
    1 Spool of thread
    1 Sheet of Stiffened Felt 9"x12"
    1 Yard of Felt By the Yard

    Cut Felt to Create:
    1 9"Circle of Stiffened Felt
    1 18" x 32" Rectangle of Felt

    Step 1: Attaching Circle to Rectangle.
    Begin about an inch into the top left corner of your rectangle. Or A different corner if you decide. I will go sew clockwise around my circle.
    DSC00027.jpg DSC00028.jpg

    Step 2: Connecting the two ends of the Rectangle together.
    Lay Rectangle down and cut excess pieces of rectangle. Sew the two ends of the rectangle together. Do not sew the top closed.
    DSC00030.jpg DSC00031.jpg
    Because it hangs over an Inch, I have to sew and inch deep into the two rectangles.

    Step 3: Flip and Fold.
    You have just sewn it together inside out. Now you must reach in and flip it outside out.
    DSC00034.jpg DSC00033.jpg

    Outside Information:

    The Smart Pot is an inert fabric container that has no meaningful chemical exchange with the surrounding environment. On a microscopic, chemical level, the Smart Pot fabric is an inert plastic. If the medium and fertilizers you use in the Smart Pot are organic, you will be growing organically in the Smart Pot container.

    Let Root Pots be your choice for containers Made from 100% Recycled Material.

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    brownbearclan Active Member

    Hmmm interesting, and you can use whatever medium you want in them? =)

    PurpleRhinoceros Active Member

    Yeah man, like any other pot. Although they might need to be washed first. I'm not 100%, however I do have a bunch of these pots growing perfectly fine. No problems yet, But I did rinse them first. Some had glitter. But after you're done sewing your pots, i'd probably throw it in the wash. (Not with the whites of course.) Have to add that It's hard to believe it's plastic.
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    FirsTime Active Member

    Yeah now post some pics of you growing in them. I'd like to see it in action :p

    PurpleRhinoceros Active Member

    Because you are curious enough, but sadly this example was a male. Size of the Mini Purple Fabric pot was 3" wide (4" Tall) and the medium was straight coco. I think it was 12/12 from early on (not seed) for early sexing, gave it one of those FIM jobs(from the looks of it), ugly buggard. My apologies for not having anything better.

    12tblp12 Member

    Very interesting i am defanitly gonna have to try this after my current grow is done

    vradd Active Member

    and i suppose you can make them as large as a 10gallon bucket?

    sk'mo Active Member

    Nice work!

    Just a thought on the fabric, though. While the felt used seems to work fine, a more suitable material might be filter-cloth. It is a fabric used in landscape construction for retaining soil while allowing for drainage and air exchange.

    I like your idea. When I first saw smart pots I wondered how hard it would be to simply make them yourself. (I noticed right away that they didn't seem to be much more than stitched filter-cloth.)


    PurpleRhinoceros Active Member

    Start sewing now if you are going to make plans like that. Or start asking friends and family now for help, it's very time consuming.

    Yeah, you can make them as large as you want to. Just stick to the rule that the rectangle has to be at least 3.14 times the size of the diameter of your base circle.

    Thanks Skmo, filter cloth doesn't sound like a bad idea either. I noticed on that label for the Roots Pots that they were made from recycled plastic bottles, so I've assumed they are made of some sort of treated felt that is also made from recycled plastic bottles.

    Tym Active Member

    Very cool. I may try one or two of these next time.
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    Canon Well-Known Member

    Why not just cut the legs off old jeans?
    Tie one end with a zip tie and a spot of silicone glue and turn inside out.

    Wife has been doing that for years when playing with her flowers. Works for her.

    PurpleRhinoceros Active Member

    Thanks tym. I wish you luck. And recommend using a sewing machine.

    Thats a great idea for recycling old jeans. Isn't ugly at all, Denim pots would be sick, but they aren't as vibrant as a green pot. Edit: Can't think of a reason you wouldn't. recycling should be done whenever possible. but you can still do both :D

    MrMoores Well-Known Member

    "Warning: Jumping On Top of Pot and Crouching will not take you underground."
    Pahahagahah lol homes, yea i use them air pots, swear by em but there pretty expensive definatly worth it thoe

    PurpleRhinoceros Active Member

    Thanks bro, Thought it was a fair warning.

    I swear by the Aurora Root Pots and the Smart Pots myself. Haven't gotten any Airpots, but I know I will sooner of later. All are pretty amazing. I want to get some of these though. They look hot.


    fRyDaYkNiGhT420 Member


    I love these pots. I was wondering how my roots were doing so I just unscrewed the little blue fasteners and I checked the roots then I put the pot back on. AWESOME!

    Xcon Active Member

    Thanks for the diy bro, I just got 4x 1gal "aeration" pots and gave one a test run along side my regular pots and I'm very impressed with the results. I'm a little annoyed though, I ordered the 3 gal pots from Hydro Wholesale and they sent me the 1 gal... but now I'll just make my own 5 gal. This is some very useful info +rep and thanks!!!

    HUSTLERBOY20 Well-Known Member

    go to the dollar tree or ( 99 cent store ) and buy yourself some cloth laundry bags...same thing. there only a dollar ya buy 2 and stack them inside each other and wallah your don't no sewing or cutting .

    p3ps1c0la Well-Known Member

    Nice tip I was doing it backwards sewing the tube first then the bottom and that made the bottom uneven so I tried your way basically backwards of what I was doing and perfect. Great tip.

    purewhiteflutterby Member


    greenfingerzj Member

    Here are how mine work. I made 10 pots in about in hour with a sewing machine. The felt costed 6.00$ with a 40% off coupon.


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