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DIY - DWC 5 Gallon SCRoG

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by JamesBong007, Feb 9, 2012.


    JamesBong007 Member

    I started an LED grow with a homemade 5-gallon SCRoG unit and a few members have asked about it, I figured I'd give you guys the best directions I can. This box allows you to maintain a clean canopy as well as change your reservoir without worry of messing up your plant(s). You can make the screen any size, this is just my example.

    If you'd like to check out the unit and my grow in action please see my signature below.


    Materials list:

    -5-gallon DWC Bucket with Netpot lid
    -15-20ft of 1/2" PVC Pipe
    -8 x 1/2" PVC Pipe 90 Degree Elbows
    -4 x 1/2" PVC Pipe Metal Clamps
    -4 x Fastening hardware / Nuts/bolts
    -4 x 1/2" PVC Pipe "T"s / 90 Degree Corners
    -Net / Chickenwire / Screen
    -PVC Cutter / Alternative

    Step One: Screen Size
    -Determine the size of screen you want above your bucket. My tent is a 2x4 so my screen is not exactly square.

    Step Two: Planning & Cutting
    -Cut 6 pieces of PVC pipe, each piece equivalent to one side of the screen. They are to be the same. Example: If you want a 3x3 ft screen, cut 6 pieces of PVC at 36" each or 3 ft. You are cutting 6 pieces instead of 4 because 2 of the PVC pipe pieces are to be connected to the lid, the other 4 make up the screen holder. You can see in my picture above that 2 of my box pieces are shorter than the other 4, this is because I made a rectangle. Make them all the same length if you want a square.

    Important Note:
    The PVC "T"s that connect these four pieces each add about 1/2" length, so keep in mind the screen will be a tad bit bigger than the actual dimensions you planned out.

    Step Three: Construct the Screen
    -Construct the screen "box" out of 4 pieces of the PVC pipe and PVC "T"s. Pretty self explanatory. Save the 2 other pieces of the same size for later. You can attach the screen at this time or wait until it is fully done, I used metal organizer pieces with 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" squares, but something like chickenwire or string will work too. I fastened my screen with duct tape, however I've seen others fasten using holes and eye hooks, etc.


    Step Four: Screen Height
    -Personal preference comes into play here because everyone does a SCRoG differently. You are to now cut another 4 pieces of PVC pipe equivalent to the height you want your screen at. I cut my pieces at 9" each, but remember the PVC elbows and T's add extra height, so realistically my screen is about 10-10 1/2" above my net pot. This height allows me to trim the under canopy easily and gives me a bit more vertical growing room.

    Step Five: Finish the Box
    -Put the 4 pieces of PVC you just cut in step four into the remaining PVC holes on your screen box to make "legs". Your project should look like a PVC "table" now. Put a PVC Elbow on each of the bottom of the legs. Point them towards each other, for a better explanation look at the bottom of the picture in step 3.

    -Take the 4 metal PVC clamps and place them on your netpot lid. Space them evenly and as close to the "lip" of the lid as you can go. Make sure they are inline as the PVC will be on top of the lid once you clamp the pieces down and you don't want a crooked screen.

    -I used a sharpie to mark the holes of the 4 metal PVC clamps. Take a drill and drill holes the size that were marked.

    -Using nuts and bolts (secure them well as you will be handling the screen) clamp down the 2 pieces of PVC pipe you saved from earlier (remember they should both be the same length as one side of your screen box). Double check that they are centered over the netpot lid. Put the remaining 4 PVC elbows onto the ends of the 2 PVC pieces attached to the net pot lid, facing outwards. See picture below.


    -You need to cut 4 last pieces of PVC pipe that connect the screen box legs to the 2 pieces of PVC pipe. I really can't tell you what exact lengths these are supposed to be because it is dependent on your box. You will have to calculate the length needed and remember that both elbows add length. However see below, my PVC segments are very small because my box is rectangular and narrow, if it was square they would have to be longer because the segments need to reach the box legs with elbows on them.


    -Connect the box to the 2 pieces of PVC pipe bolted onto the netpot lid. Again, self explanitory once you have the dimensions and lengths right.

    Step 6: Completion & Tips
    -After step 5 you should be done with your project if you haven't already attached the screen. If not, do that....
    -Using lighter weight PVC is kind of nice because it reduces the weight of the lid and screen, which I move a lot.
    -Buy extra PVC just in case.
    -Stay lifted. :leaf:

    jeeba Well-Known Member

    Looks very nice and thought out.+rep

    Quitekeen Active Member

    I wanted to +rep you but I appparantly have to spread the love around a bit before i can +rep you again lol
    wapow1001 likes this.

    JamesBong007 Member

    lol, no problem. enjoy.

    Mineralz Well-Known Member

    Very nice 007! I'll have to take note of this so later if I feel froggy I can modify it a little and use it for a vert scrog instead of a horizontal one ;) Awesome post man

    supchaka Well-Known Member

    You might have issues with your hardware rusting over time. I'd be certain to use stainless as well as slathering over the finished pieces with some aquarium silicone to seal em up. Nice looking setup thugh!

    JamesBong007 Member

    Good idea Supchaka, thanks for the input.

    jeeba Well-Known Member

    You might wanna add a tube into your bucket lid to make watering under the scrog a bit easier.mine was a P.I.T.A

    neosapien Well-Known Member

    Nice job with the stoner touch. I did something similar but I did not attach it to my bucket. Mine is freestanding the 4 legs just sit on the floor. That way if I ever need to raise/lower it, all I have to do is throw a coupling and an appropriate piece of pipe on the end of each leg.

    JamesBong007 Member

    I would but I clean my res / check airstone weekly anyways and like to look at the roots :p But yeah it can still be a pain changing the res even with an attached screen.

    Jman305 Active Member

    You can use coolers from coleman with a spigot on the bottom so you can drain easier and it makes keeping rez temps in check a thought of the past.
    my massive hideout

    my massive hideout Member

    • very nice +rep​


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