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DIY Bubble Bags?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by PlasmaRadio, Oct 6, 2007.


    PlasmaRadio Well-Known Member

    Does anybody know how to make bubble bags, I cant bare to pay 250 bucks for them.
    Cold Water Hash Extraction from Bubblebag.com

    Failing that, does anybody know where I can get screens to try and hash it out myself (no pun intended).
    Pullin' weeds

    Pullin' weeds Well-Known Member

    Most art supply stores sell Silk screen material, either loose or mounted in frames.

    In a frame they make pretty good dry-sieved hash - done it a few times.

    I haven't done it, but I don't see why one couldn't sew the same silk screen at the bottom of a nylon bag / tube and come up with a DIY Bubble bag. If you have a screen printing suppy store in the area, I'm sure you can find several different screen sizes. Sure you could find the material online as well.

    Hmmmm, Perhaps I have new project....

    Happy hashing!
    Father Jack

    Father Jack Well-Known Member

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    PlasmaRadio Well-Known Member

    That is it exactly. Have you used them? They seem to have a limited lifespan. I'm curious to hear you thoughts on the matter.
    Father Jack

    Father Jack Well-Known Member

    I've used mine for about 4 runs...or about 80grams. They are still in excellent condition. as long as you clean them right away after use.

    Like I sauid before...do not mix your trim with ice in the bag. Mix in a seperate container...and use the bags like strainers.

    The 35 takes forever to strain...but it's not the good stuff anyways. The 75 is the money bag.


    Percolator Active Member

    I hope this helps. I am going to try and make my own bags. I will have to drive to my sisters house to sew them together but I think it will work out very well compared to spending hundreds of dollars for them pre-fabricated. Good luck on your venture of making extract.

    Here is the site to where I got the material that I am going to use to sew the filter to to make the bag.
    I just got it in and it is a very strong material that I think will work out well.
    http://www.ahh.biz/products/PVC laminated fabric FTV007.htm

    These are the nylong filters that I got. I just tried to copy the micron sizes that Kind Seed uses on there bags. They also have poyester mesh in micron sizes that you can get.



    BurnDatShit35 Well-Known Member

    this thread is tight
    i was wondering how i could go about the same thing...to make the shit drain faster could u put an airstone in the bag????

    BurnDatShit35 Well-Known Member

    iun regards to that website what material is ideal for the screens

    Yaboii Active Member

    cox filter

    cox filter Member

    COX Filter also can offer the filter bag which you should interesting.

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