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Dispensary Purchase/Sale

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by threatlevelorange, Dec 27, 2007.


    threatlevelorange Well-Known Member

    Hey does anyone know what most dispensaries sell an ounce for? What do they buy it for? How do you get to make a sale to a dispensary?

    thejman27 Active Member

    I live in San Diego and the average price is $420 and above for some real good dank but nothing to kill yourself over. anywhere on the streets it is about $280 here. It is safer to pick one up there but this is san diego it is all around.

    threatlevelorange Well-Known Member

    Would you say that it is worth paying more for the service/product of the dispensary?

    tylerreed11 Active Member

    it depends on the quality of bud you can get for street prices. for example if my dealer has OK bud for $280 and O. I would much rather go to the club and be able to get just as high by smoking less. so it evens out. but if my dealer has dank bud for $280 an O then club weed just isn't worth it.

    threatlevelorange Well-Known Member

    I wonder how street quality varies from one area to another. Seems most dealers would rip you off if they could. I don't get that impression of dispensaries. They are more bona fide entrepreneurs.

    jhershner11 Active Member

    dispensaries are "safe" access. If you are seen by a cop buying on the street, you go to jail. BTW....does any body on here know how to grow for a dispensarie

    funkdocKT Well-Known Member

    you simply grow your shit and bring it into the collective...if they like it, and want it theyll offer you a price that will be far under what youll get on the street (and then theyll mark it up to far over what it goes for in the street)

    the collective game is a dead one...a lot of the collectives i know have their own grow opp or their own exclusive suppliers so some will tell you to kick rocks right out of the gate

    and youre fools to think that collectives wont rip you off...what do you think that "entrepreneur" was before he got his petitions, license, and collective open?...he was more times then not A STREET DEALER

    get real people

    jhershner11 Active Member

    I would gladly sell solely to a dispensiary and take a pay cut to have the security of only dealing with one reliable buyer. Getting paid grow and sell pot? Its pretty hard to get ripped off even if you arent making as much as selling on the streets..

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    Not true... A lot of clubs here in the LA area at least want photos of your grow op, information about the products you use, etc for quality control standards... Also, an ounce sold to a club for $250 is a good deal, because it is being brought in as "Excess medication" and not "I grew this to sell it"

    A lot perhaps, but not all. There are still plenty of places that will accept new vendors. Places that don't accept new vendors tend to be shady in general, as a collective supply does matter, and unless you have a reputation the majority of what you vend will end up on consignment and you will be paid after your jar is empty.

    Not all collectives are rip offs...

    motoracer110 Well-Known Member

    its probably one of the hardest licenses to get ahold of. the best rout would be becoming a care giver for someone with a medical marijuana card. that is not hard to do if you have a friend with a card

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    How could you say that when there are over 150 different clubs all distributing cannabis, concentrates, plants, edibles, pipes, etc. within a 20 miles radius of me? Starting up a club is much easier than you think.

    motoracer110 Well-Known Member

    ya but there are some cities that only hand out a certain amount of permits per area. thats the way it is in my state. i read all the regulations in my area and the best rout is care giver. im not saying that your wrong because im not sure where you live so im not sure on the license status in your city.

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    California is an oddity even among states with legal medical laws to begin with. Crazy, but ahead of it's time as always.

    We can't even have dispensaries around here, we have deliveries though.

    I don't know about becoming a supplier around here though either, though believe me I've really thought about it. Not that I have to worry about it right now, but when I did have a lot of excess I was at a loss about what to do with it when I could have used the money.

    funkdocKT Well-Known Member

    a lot...but MOST will take whatever has paperwork and walks through their doors (im also from the LA area and have dealt with a large amount of the collectives...POG, LAX, GCC, etc..)

    To Me: an ounce to the club for $250 is cool for you as the seller, but knowing that theyre gonna toss an extra $70-$100 (for quality medicine) on it to the next patient is not cool as a fellow patient...if youre just dealing with "excess medication" youd be better offing it to another patient for $275...you just made an extra $25 (not for profit, but to pay for growing expenses of course) and the buying patient didnt have to suffer the potential $70 "middle-man tax"

    i completely agree, some of my best friends and business partners own collectives (in the LA area)...i just feel it isnt advantageous for hobby growers who dont have the resources to keep up with big vendors to try...i feel they should enjoy their own medicine and supply patients they trust (both for their benefit and the buying patient)

    jhershner11 Active Member

    I live in oregon and I am a current card holder as well as a provider for a patient. Will dispensaries in ca. buy from card holders in oregon.Anybody heard of the laws on that? I have seen ads on craigslist from california dispensaries asking for quality oregon bud.

    funkdocKT Well-Known Member

    im pretty sure it has to be grown by a cali patient...state to state laws...would be a crime to transport from your state to cali...doubt that ad was real, a cali is collective running an ad in another state is like the beach running an ad for sand

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    It's probably best we don't try to measure or apply statistics to the number of clubs that have poor quality control expectations of their growers... None of us can pull a 100% definite answer for that.

    Clubs do have to deal with the costs of running the business, and a series of other services... I don't see why people make such a big deal. They buy it at wholesale, and sell it at a higher retail price. Not too different from any other retail style business... except for having experienced budtenders, security, building modifications to pay for, etc.

    Without clubs, a lot of people would never be able to find quality meds... They would be buying and consuming whatever shit they buy off of John Doe dealer. It creates jobs, and generates dollars for our economy...

    Ultimately you choose where you go, you choose the products you consume, you choose who you give return business to. If you can't afford the product, make it yourself. If you don't have the patience or ability to do it, you have to accept the alternative, regardless of how it may occasionally be costly.

    Either way... I too am in the party that feels $250/oz is fine. They can ask whatever they want for it... if they charge too much, they won't move it as fast, and I can stop bringing it in to them. If they charge less, it will move faster and the demand will be greater, which gives growers the leverage (which I wouldnt mind, but that defies the laws of business in this industry).

    Yeah... equipment can cost a lot of money, plus time learning and trial and error... Not too many people can compete and consistently churn out enough flowers fast enough to make enough cash to continue and survive... thank god :D

    You have to be a Californian patient... I wouldn't touch those ads for all the money in the world... who knows what type of shady dealings you might have come your way.

    uyakbay Active Member

    I live in LA. I supported 215. I have been a care giver for 30 years. The dispenceries are a rip off. They are putting profit over care. It is all about the money. Corporate. ANd they are taxing every purchase in many of the cubs.
    I have had the best for 30 years, relying on small care giving growers who are more interested in quality. Small batches with quality job one. Money back guarentee! The clubs do not.
    I have visited 30 clubs in the LA area. The product is not reliable. Once a supporter of the clubs now a blogger against them. I am protecting my own interest, I am also looking out for the patient. Quality at a fair price. All of my Kushes are 340, not taxes, everything else goes for 280-300. I wll give you your $$$ back if not satisfied.
    Supporting clubs supports the corporate landscape.

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