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Disinfecting a grow room?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by IDontGroWeed8420, Mar 6, 2010.


    IDontGroWeed8420 Member

    Hey RIU, i'm starting a closet grow soon and want to clean and disinfect my closet thoroughly before I start,

    What I need to know is, are there certain cleaning products that are harmful to plants and certain that aren't?

    Maybe I'm being overly-cautious here, but better safe than sorry ;-)

    What do you guys use to disinfect your grow rooms?

    statik Well-Known Member

    Honestly if there is nothing in there I would attack it with a mild bleach solution (10%) and let it air dry. Then come back and wet it down with another bleach spray down, but this time wipe it out with a sponge and clean water. If you have carpet in the closet, mist it with the bleach water and then vacuum the hell out of it.

    I just did this with my grow tent after a powdery mildew attack (minus the vacuum of course).

    I just went with what I know will clean/kill anything around that I dont want near my plants. I let everything air dry, and then wiped out the bleach residue with clean water. I have plants in there now and they are fine.

    isthislegal Well-Known Member

    I cleaned my closet with a hot water / light bleach solution, let it air dry. I then painted the whole closet with 2 coats of killz.

    Cheechburner Active Member

    you need to make your closet air tight then fill it up with water. throw some cleaner shrimp in it. after a week take out the water and shrimp then dry out the closet, and BAM CLEAN AS A WHISTLE MAN. HAHAHAHAHA :)

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