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Discrete Seed Shipping

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by BudsDownUnder, May 23, 2013.


    BudsDownUnder Member

    Heyy guys, I am currently wanting to buy seeds online and have them sent over to me. But problem is i live in Australia... Does anyone know of a trusting discrete seedbank I can buy from? considering having the package sent under a mates name to his address that doesn't smoke or grow.

    DONNYS New Member

    dont know bout australia but sending to buddies is best bet

    Dankfactory Well-Known Member

    I'd be less concerned with the seed banks and more interested in your local customs Dept. These days the top seed banks are all pretty solid. The power of the Internet and the tightly woven niche community that is the growing circuit has snuffed out all of the shenanigans. I believe SpeedySeedz was the last true ass clown to get flung into obscurity. To answer your question directly though: Attitude and Seedbay are both discreet and trustworthy and the only seed banks I currently order from.

    I2icho Active Member

    Hey I just ordered to Aus a few days ago. Bonzaseeds.com
    They haven't arrived yet so I can't tell you weather it was successful or not.

    If you live in Qld I hear they are having trouble getting through customs. Although they have a 98% success rate of getting through, and if I was a betting man I would take them odds.

    I'm sick of growing bag seed.

    Can't wait to have my very own white widdow.

    Goodluck man

    BudsDownUnder Member

    yes. i am a queenslander and I do worry about the pigs breaking my door down within 24 hours of ordering the seeds. hahaha *sigh* let me know when or if you get your seeds and i'll throw in my order... but you first;-)

    Goodluck to you too!

    mtgeezer Well-Known Member

    If you're worried about getting YOUR door kicked down why would you put a friend into danger?:twisted: Doesn't sound very friendly to me. That's something I would do for someone who was doing my old lady behind my back.:fire:

    I2icho Active Member

    lol I got them delivered to my door. Paid with my credit card. I don't buy into the paranoia around seeds.

    They are just seeds man.

    Worth the risk in my opinion

    Mattemil Active Member

    You arent going to go to jail for seeds for fuck sakes.....if customs finds them they will take em away, thats it.My brother works with customs.

    I2icho Active Member

    I will let you know how I go.

    I hear good things about

    Although I hear demon seeds are pretty reliable.

    BluntM8 Active Member

    like dankfactory said, this is a customs issue. even if your seeds don't make it to your door, its not the seedbank's fault

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