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Discount Advanced Nutrients

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by theflo, Feb 16, 2007.


    theflo Active Member

    If anyone is looking for a good company to do business with for buying nutrients discountan.com they have every Advanced Nutrients product available for sale CHEAP!

    green_nobody Well-Known Member

    had you any business so far with them? and if, how did they tread you:confused:

    ...sounds a bit to good to me, so i really don't trust them:roll: but maybe you know better:blsmoke:

    theflo Active Member

    their def. a legit site, besides what are they gonna do rip you off and not send you the products you ordered? if you use advanced nutrients i would go through them for sure.

    cantremember Active Member

    i dunno you can get half of the stuff for cheaper and the advanced nutes site.......

    bossman88188 Well-Known Member

    I have wanted to try them. But i am startinh to agree with the old schools on here.
    That overpriced nutes are not the magic potions they say they are.
    Lotsof people love advanced nutes

    Luv2Gro Well-Known Member

    i've bought some products from dan and couldnt be happier... they shipped my order promptly with free shipping, and everything was 100% accurate... glad we're posting on this 2 yr old thread?? lol..

    joshkrauss Active Member

    i bought Big bud and a big thing of sensizym from them. great to deal with other than it took 3 weeks to get my stuff.

    friedmonk Member

    Discount AN is a wonderful site to buy from. The products may "seem" a bit pricy, but you get what you pay for... Ive been using the Advanced Nutes for a while and have no complaints with the massive yields as a result of their extensive research on plant growth. I love Advanced Nutrients and absolutely recomend them to anyone who loves their plants:bigjoint:

    Happy Growing!

    YaRight Active Member

    HydroEmpire.com is cheaper every time, but you have to spend $200 to get free shipping instead of $149. Even with DAN's "freebies" added in, HE will be cheaper!! I used to order from DAN, but switched after they forgot a BigBud freebie from my order and never responded to any emails. Glad they did though, cuz I found HE.

    HomeGrown420baby Well-Known Member

    the FIND.com....hella cheap

    spreadhead Active Member

    just got my order from this company...almost did not purchase because of joshkrauss experience...waited til the last moment and could not afford a delay of any sort...order was here in 2 days..came from the west coast to the east...i must say i will order again and i got the best service....oh...btw...got a free sample of carboload

    think2toke Well-Known Member

    This sounds fake lol?:roll:

    THseaman Guest

    Be Careful with Hydro Empire. I suspect they are tampering with their nutrients. Both of my orders from them contained unsealed bottles and bottles with non original top caps. For example, all sensi 2 part bottles are all black. Black bottles and black top caps. The bottles I got were black but had Blue and White colored tops caps. WTF? I called the owner of Hydro Empire and he was very unprofessional and told me I was lying about receiving bottles with different colored tops. Order directly from AN would be my advice. Pay a little more but get the real deal without any doubts.
    sven deisel

    sven deisel Well-Known Member

    that place cant even touch htg esp there light combos

    Skypilot2370 Member


    They carry the full line of Advanced Nutrients at very good prices, have purchased numerous times from them and I am very satisfied with their service.

    Shanus Active Member

    Old thread I know, But I gotta say. DAN is the man. I have ordered more than once from the company, and it was a breeze. ! shipment took a little longer (once) than expected (west coast to east), so I called. The woman at the desk was friendly, told me the shipping guy was at lunch and they'd call back. Im thinkin' "yeah right, on a $20 order!"

    30 minutes later I get a call. We decided to give the mail 1more day. Lo and behold, it shows up! I called the man in shipping to thank him, and then asked for a salesman. He told me he could handle it for me. Turns out...... the guy helping me for the last two days over a bs $20 order, was THE OWNER!!

    I am one of those people that will definately pay more to get excellent service. So far, DAN has gone above and beyond for me as a customer. Even when I was taking up his time, he remained polite and actually seemed to care.

    So, now I have a good relationship with the owner of a company that carries the best of the best for my needs. I dont even care if it costs me more. If it does.... his secretary and employees get a decent check, and NEVER resent helping me as a customer.

    You may think you are getting a better deal, but if something goes wrong.... are you really? Where is the money you are spending actually going? So, thanks DAN, here's a bumpity bump for ya. Oh yeah, gimme some more free shit next order, for all this advertising!!!:lol:
    Moon Dog

    Moon Dog Member

    Tons of places to get Advanced but there is no substitute for people that take care of you when you have a problem and answer your questions if you have them. I like the guys @ CAN. cheapadvancednutrients.com. They turned me on to a few "tricks" with the products after I bought from them a few times that def juiced my yields. BTW I usually save 25% there. I bought from Amazon once in a jam. Stuff was old and now I'm in the Amazon "cloud" damn it!

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