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dirty urine, clean test

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by Lynchburgfall, Jul 8, 2008.


    AKDrifter Well-Known Member

    I dated a chick a few years back who worked in a lab as a tech. She told me "the solution to pollution is dilution".

    Her advise was drink lots of water until you have to piss,once you go the first time pop a multivitimin , piss again then give you're sample on at least the third. If you have a few hours time before making the LOOOONG walk to the bathroom with the sample collector this will work.

    I have done it. I also habitually drink green tea and cranberry juce when I feel the day may come and I am not prepaired:wink:.

    From her info, the first piss or two of the day are very rich and telling samples.
    smoke so thick

    smoke so thick Active Member

    if you can really do this you should market what it is you do because I'm certain thats impossible without hacking off limbs or just plain dying

    Lynchburgfall Well-Known Member

    cool. you obviously have never cut weight for any thing. what you do is...drink only water, eat next to nothing, and run a lot. it's dieting and exercise for 7 days in a row. market that. better yet, try it.

    reinhart01 Active Member

    The Facts

    I smoke 5 blunts a day and was recently put on probation. Im about 6' 2". 170lbs and have no regular exercise pattern. After failing my baseline test on 9-7-08, I continued to smoke my pack of blunts a day and was recently called in for a follow up urine test on 9-25-08. My po called the day before and said I was to meet with him the following morning at 9 a.m.

    At this point in time I began to become nervous not only because of my habitual marijuana use but also because I had been poppin x until the wee morning hours of 9-24-08. The rest of the day I slept until my po called and informed me of my "meeting" the next morning.

    I had a bag of popcorn for supper the night before the test and made sweet love to my gf for most the night in fear I would be locked up the next morning. I set my alarm for 7 the next morning and started on the process of dilution I had read about on one of these forums.

    The Process

    I went to the fridge and grabbed my first of twelve 20oz. Gatorade Frost's(doubt it matters which flavor) at about 7:15. I sat down watched the morning news and chugged Gatorade like mad. At about 8:15 I finished my 8th Gatorade and chewed up a A-Z Vitamin. Come 8:45 I had taken 5 pisses and finished my 11th Gatorade. On the way to the meeting I finished my 12th Gatorade and stopped to take another piss(6 total). I rolled up to the meeting at 9:05(addicts are always late) and walked in to meet my fate.

    The Meeting

    Fifteen minutes later at about 9:20 the po followed me into the restroom and gave me the cup(the kind which has the testing unit on the cap and is turned upside down). I pissed a stream of clear urine into the toilet for approx. 3 seconds and pinched off to fill just enough of the bottom of the testing cup and put the lid back on. The po flipped it and turned it back up about 30 seconds later and I waited for what seemed to be an eternity but was probably closer to a minute. He looked at the lid for a couple seconds and shook his head. Fortunately he shook it the right way and gave me the news that in fact everything was in order and I HAD PASSED. I stared at the cap and seen that all the lines were red(which means a negative test result). The one marked THC was a little weaker red then the others(negative as long as the line shows up) but should be expected with a failed baseline test. I smiled and thought of the blunt of dro that I soon would be rollin. :weed:

    Lynchburgfall Well-Known Member

    This time i have a great donor and I know for sure no one will be watching me piss. I have a good idea about how i'm going to conceal the urine sample, but I feel less confident about how i will keep the sample warm enough. I've read about hand warmers and so forth but would having a condom full of pee in my "gooch" get warm enough?

    ANY suggestions about how to warm the sample up or a better method of concealment would be greatly appreciated...

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