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dirt genius led

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by rarebreed619, Sep 25, 2013.


    rarebreed619 Active Member

    Well shopping around on eBay and stumbled across dirt genius 240 watt ho veg led. I'm setting up a 4x2 tent for breeding purposes. According to the manufacture it should cover my veg/clone tent. Not going to use it to flower as I have hps for that. Just want something to light my seed crops. The light is about 200 bucks. Any insight would be great thanks.
    Bumping Spheda

    Bumping Spheda Active Member

    Veg is easy to do with LED. You could make something for cheaper and still get comparable results, but I'd say almost any LED grow light that you buy, so long as it covers your grow space properly, will perform well in veg.

    The last option: non-dimmable 120V driver, heat sink, reflector and lens. Two of them is about the same price as the Dirt Genius panel, consumes about the same energy, and is more efficient. The Cool White light of the Crees would probably provide an easier transition for the plants over into flower under an HPS. Going from strictly Red/Blue to HPS would be quite the shock, I'd imagine. Btw, you don't need the reflector or lens, you can toss them. You just need some thermal paste to attach the LED to the heat sink, and a couple phone chargers with the right voltage/amperage to drive the heat sink fans. The only down side, imo, is ease of use with now having to hang two panels instead of one and the amount of cords (two cords per panel as opposed to one for the Dirt Genius).

    Btw, I'm not quite sure that panel will cover your entire 4x2 grow space. The two Cree modules would better distribute the light over that space, imo, but I'd almost recommend adding a third unit to achieve ~37.5W per square foot. Depends how tall/fast you want the veg process to be, I guess, but 25W/ft^2 (200W / 4'x2') seems a little low, however I'm sure vegging plants would be just fine under that intensity.

    rarebreed619 Active Member

    Thanks for stopping by, yeah those Cree led look nice. I've read and witnessed not much light is need for veg and the light foot print is like 3.5x2.5 or something like that. I usually run 4ft 8 bulb t5's wanted to try something new. Was just curious if this was one of the better eBay led cheapo lights? Seems legit but I have very little knowledge other than what Google and riu have explained about led lights.
    Bumping Spheda

    Bumping Spheda Active Member

    No idea on quality of components used in the 240W Dirt Genius. It will be a gamble, imo. It might be good to know what their warranty is like and if they'll cover shipping charges if something does go wrong.

    rarebreed619 Active Member

    There offering a 3 year warranty

    nevergoodenuf Well-Known Member

    For the size of your tent, you might consider led T-8 replacement bulbs. Less than 20 watts each.

    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    Using 4 of them in my tent now. Very impressive and only 115w v 432w of specialty aquarium HOT5s bulbs in my other tent

    Come on by


    rarebreed619 Active Member

    I usually use t5 ho, but wanted to try led. Just don't want to get suckerd.

    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    I'll make it easy for you.....its a $ 200 dollar Blackstar clone which means a cheap POS. save your money for something better or just stick with HO T5.

    Can also look at induction, with no bulb changes For 8-10 years. Whatever
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    Chronikool Well-Known Member

    If you are in America town....i would be all over the Cree household LED's....Envy much! :(
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    ellydee Active Member


    nevergoodenuf Well-Known Member

    Ryan Park

    Ryan Park Member


    has very good prices for growing. The 'dirt genius' is cheaper there. I'm still looking for someone who used them for a full grow.
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    Deusracing Well-Known Member

    Just bought one 147.00 shipped. Let me know how yours works. Not gonna use mine for next few months

    digimidgi Active Member

    Same here! :(
    I have considered buying a Voltage stepper just so i can run these great bulbs, not too expensive either.

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