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DinaFem White Widow Auto

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by hotrodharley, Sep 11, 2012.


    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Old men make tears easy over stupid stuff, don't we? God he's missed. Thanks, brother. Ride on, Griz.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Smoke report: Hell yes!!!!

    This is my first auto. No more indoors as I can control my light cycles BUT I will make an exception for this strain.

    Method: Grav Labs large showerhead bubbler and a big steamroller

    The bud I chopped first I dried for 6 days and jarred for just 4 days then sampled. Very smooth on inhale and exhale both. No hash cough. Very tasty with vanilla/fruit on intake. Highly commented on by my friends who sampled it with me last night. Very nice head high and kind of trippy if you indulge and we did. A smooth smoke in the steam roller as well and I was pleased with that as the Grav Lab does smooth out some harsh smokes.

    The claimed high CBD content? I believe it. I had worked from 0445 to 1945 hours, on my feet most of it. Broke my back in 5 places in 1981 starting between my shoulder blades. Hurt then and hurts now. My legs kill me at my age after that many hours pounding a floor. Most excellent relief. I mean that. Very good pain relief and muscle relaxing strain. Slept like a baby later too.

    I can highly recommend the Dinafem White Widow Auto. Ordering more seed the first time a promo comes along at SOS or Attitude or wherever.

    As an aside - I received some free Dinafem Blue Widow seeds last year. Finally planted one in Root Shooters, sprouted in 2 days, plan ted in small pot a week after sprouting then into a 3-gallon. There she languished under 12/12 (not an auto but doing a 4 strain experiment under 12/12 from Seed). And languished. Meanwhile my G13 Labs OG13 went ape shit under the same regimen, a WOS White Rhino X Mazar right behind the OG13. A RP Kandy Kush and the BW? Weinies. I mean they are growing and flowering and both smell killer!!!!!! But they didn't thrive under 12/12 from Seed.

    Not knocking either strain for potency or anything other than that. I would try both again (and will if the smoke from either or both of these is good) as they both smell so so fine. But 18/6 to veg then 12/12 for those 2.

    BigLittlejohn Well-Known Member

    That's awesome hotrod. I may have to add WW to my list for my next purchase.

    SdY183 Active Member

    I'm sold. Thanks for the thread.

    lowblower Well-Known Member

    that looks epic LOL :)

    lowblower Well-Known Member

    good grow man, got any harvet pics or dried bud porn?? :leaf:

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Will have pics of the dried and weights in a day or so.

    halfpound Active Member

    Nice grow how much did you yeild? Im growing an auto its budding nice, just wanted to know what you pulled out of your girl?

    JetL Member

    Near the end of my very first grow (day 68 from seed) this one is Dinafem WW Auto - used Ocean Forest & Fox Farm nutrients & 400w MH for veg/HPS for flower on 20/4 cycle. Not sure when to harvest for optimum potency. Most trichs look cloudy but I don't have a trained eye. This plant is only 16" high but dank as hell - I started her in a smaller container & transplanted it into a 3gal. later (won't do that again).

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    IMG_0643 - Copy.jpg

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    lowblower Well-Known Member

    i guess u got high n forgot lol?

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    More like we got screwed at work by seemingly constant deployments meaning nothing but work. Got 2.15 ounces off mine dried. Very nice smoke. Not one hitter quitter but excellent day time smoke. Fruity odor and taste, cured very quickly. BUT I planted the remainder of seeds in soil and the production was way off of course.

    lowblower Well-Known Member

    nice harvest then, not bad for an auto at all!

    bullwinkle60 Well-Known Member

    At 68 days from seed most autos are just about ready. Remember you want mostly cloudy with a bit of amber.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Really was good smoke too! Loved the taste. Dried nice and cured quick. Now I have a photo White Label White Skunk in a DWC and it's wailing. Just popped a seedling of Mazar i Sharifi phot in DWC. The WS just went into 12/12 after being planted 25 November. The M i S popped into rockwool 25 Dec. OG Kush clone in DWC just started growing.

    BigLittlejohn Well-Known Member

    Nice. I have 3 I just started in DWC. OG Kush, Bubba 76 & El Alquimista. Started all 3 on Dec 28.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    I have a clone just taking off in DWC of my G13 Labs OG13. Absolutely killer bud!!!! Of the 15 or strains I grew last year the OG13 was voted best BY FAR followed by World of Seedss White Rhino X Mazar then Dinafem Blue Widow for our favorite 3 strains. The OG13 I cloned it from is in dirt and was the second of 2 seeds I had of it. Will be ordering more seed for that one for damned sure!!! But the new ones will be all DWC or hydro of some sort.

    Moving to CO in June (being transferred but I'm not crying) and was just given a huge chiller used by a exhibit company here that cooled a huge salmon exhibit with it. The exhibit tank was over 250 gallons and I was assured it could chill to 32F! It was given to me free - by a guy who I blazed with some OG13. He was so stoned he felt it the next morning. Gave him 5 grams for his Christmas party and he came back saying guys were trying to hand him $100 bills to get them just a quarter or around there.

    Those OG13 seeds were freebies from an order last year. One of my favorite strains of all time now.

    sgtjayne Member

    Hey Hotrodharley if your still checking out this old thread do u remember when you harvested? I couldn't find it, I saw something about 80 days and another week or so how did that go? Thanks much

    Semper Fi

    dahooker Member

    Dude I know I'm 2 years late but I've got one of these WWA (Dinafem) in soil under a 600w hps at the moment, what are you doing differently? Honestly your day 3 picture is like mine now (day 7)

    That's some insanely rapid growth

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    It was in a 5-gallon DWC. Nobody told me autos didn't like nutes. I started with RO water and nutes at 150PPM and gradually raised the EC .

    Dwiz New Member

    I know this is a super old thread, but im starting a very similar grow! I am having a hard time finding a feeding schedule/amount using the sensi a and b series. What does yalls look like? rep given!

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