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Dinafem Diesel

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Omgwtfbbq Indicaman, Jun 26, 2011.


    grokillaz Active Member

    I believe there is only one true diesel and that is somas. This strain comes around my area alot and always has the distinct fuely smell and taste. I'm a big fan of sour diesel, everytime I smoke these two strains I keep thnkng of ordering beans but I don't like the long flowerig times.

    gmc420 Member

    I had tossed 3 seeds in w/hope of keeping 1 good one to clone. However, all 3 looked so good I tossed 2 into flower a month ago. Had a "scare" while they were in veg (a fucking genocide was what it was) and the diesel was the only survivor. Not just one but all 3 made it. Anyhow, they are on Roots Organic, Big Bud, and whatever else I feel they need as time goes on. The one mother I kept in veg is still giving me 80%-90% success on the clones. Kinda bummed hearing the 9-10 week flower time. But I had a feeling (see pics) I'm on week 3 or 4, and I'm out of medicine. Oh, they're in 7 gal pure coco with 600 watt DIY Adjust-a-Wing.

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    juggalo666 Active Member

    I placed my freebie in a rapid rooter and a day and a half later my tap root is almost long enough to put in my dwc Can't wait to see how she turns out
    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman Well-Known Member

    I finished mine in october still curing. Big yields. got 7 ounce's off of the plant i germed on 6/19/11, outdoors grown. vegged indoors.

    JayBlazepiff Member

    Soma diesel wack

    pretendo Active Member

    This thread is kinda old but just wanted to say mine finished in about 10 weeks and some of the best tasting bud I have ever smoked! But sometimes would leave me feeling hungover

    2easy Well-Known Member

    im growing now. seems decent. kind of like all dinafem seeds though. there good just not great.

    definitely not a great representation of a diesel either though. someone said earlier in this thread something about NL x superskunk and i can honestly see a NL inlfuence in here for sure. in fact mine looks like a nice little NL plant more than a diesel. thats not such a bad thing though.

    the thing with dinafem is none of the seeds i have grown are what they should be. there cheese is not cheesy, there diesel is not diesely but they are always good little yielders and smoke pretty well so always worth cracking the freebies. you never know one day i might stumble across a real winner in one of these freebies

    Koalaman Member

    The first time the word diesel was used to name a plant was when someone didn't like the name chemdawg and decided to rename it "diesel" in new york city. This is sometimes referred to as the original nycd but it is actually the mysteriously fathered offspring of chemdawg. Apparently the person who was growing the buds from the bag on the grateful dead tour that the chemdawg or diesel seeds came from was only growing chemdawg.
    Chemdawg was from collorado, spent some time in masseteusetts fuct if I can spell that, where it was also bred into other varieties some of which are also called diesel, original diesel, diesel#1 etc and many others. So diesel is possibly the same thing as chemdawg and there are many different plants called diesel.
    In 1997 soma got some beans that came out of a bud of what he was told was sour diesel crossed them with a afghani-hawaiian male from shantibaba and bred (soma's)nyc diesel. I have never seen or tried somas one but it seems to get mixed reviews, some say it lacks potency. It seems some have been confused by somas naming as somas nycd is not what is in the vernacular as the original nycd. The original diesel or chemdawg or original nycd or whatever else ppl call it, however was/still is something of a building block for much of todays popular genetics, somewhat of an enigmatic strain...
    It is a very confusing topic. I got this information from cannabibble#3, soma's book and this website:
    I challenge anyone to now re read dinafem's description and be able to tell what the hell they are talking about! Lol
    Although dinafem is a great company, unfortunately their non native english explanations are at times so vague and ambiguous that the reader is unable to understand exactly what they are getting.
    My attempt at deciphering the diesel write up has resulted in me assuming that they are trying to say that this is the original renamed chemdawg, what is sometimes referred to as "basic diesel" (or do ppl mean something else when they say basic diesel?) or perhaps what beanboyz are referring to as original diesel, and the references to the components of other diesel hybrids are incidental. But i could be wrong.
    I have never had any previous experience with diesel/chemdawg but I do know that the 1 freebee seed of "dinafem diesel" I got from tude is a squat, slow veging, glossy wide green indica leafed, VERY grower friendly, VERY hard to overfert, VERY high bud to leaf ratio, beautiful beautiful beautiful unique looking plant somewhat reminiscent in looks of a strawberry bush. I monster cropped one recently and it looks like a little medusa.
    When grown under full spectrum led it produces the tightest nugs of any mj plant I would think possible. Try to squeeze one of the main heads, it's like trying to squeeze a piece of wood. The individual buds along main stems actually wrap around the main stem so that when you snip their branch stem at harvest the buds remain clinging on wrapped around like a blob of blutack.
    It is the smoothest smoke ever and has a great well balanced long lasting effect, leaning towards the euphoric. Everybody I know who has tried it loves it much more than anything else. Someone on here mentioned that they felt a hangover from it. Infact it is not a hangover. It's just that your still stoned and personally I feel that I am still in a very good mood for several days after a night binge on it.

    If anyone has experience with the original/basic diesel/chemdawg strain can you pls let me know if this is sounding like that same thing??

    Or maybe the spanish speaking guy could try ask dinafem for some clarity.

    I'm going to use it for crosses regardless of whatever it actually is but it would really be satisfying my curiosity to know.

    It is strange that some ppl are saying they are getting a fast vegging plant from the same feminised seed, I would have thought feminised would be extremely uniform. Gh are also offering a "chemdog" and they have a grow video where they show some huge plant.

    I have been growing in coco up til now but next i'm going to try dwc in an attempt to get it all moving along a bit quicker. ..

    gudkarma New Member

    the original 91 chemdawg (cut) soma has... all of europe has... & anybody in the game (like dna, gh, etc) can get it. these european guys just never did the same things we did with her... og , sour, diesel, etc

    soma's plant is from seed.
    he has no male chem plant.
    though he has some of those seeds left.

    so the story is true.

    i know this ^ because e$ko lives one hour from soma & they swap cuts on the regular.

    e$ko also has this original chemdawg cut, the original amnesia haze cup clone, soma's personal cut of lavender, and more. e$ko also has elite cuts given to soma via DNA... like chocolope & candy kush.

    & home boy uses them in crosses.

    my bluechem (e$ko) is soooooooooo chemdawg leaning... shit takes your breath away if you hit it to hard. nasty dank. straight up. evil weed.

    no blueberry nada.
    all chem in the flavor & smell. no diesel nothing at all.

    for sure, diesel is another cross using chem genetics. i'll ask e$ko the next time i talk with him about the lineage & origin of soma's cut.

    however im VERY certain e$ko told me the same thing we all know... soma found it in some bagseed passed to him.

    sourpuss New Member

    Hey coco guy going dwc, dwc brings a lot more issues problems, r u hand watering or drip or ebb flow?

    sourpuss New Member

    Man some of u guys r real close to these big dogs. Thx for the lowdown, sounds like you know your sh.

    Koalaman Member

    So chem is different to diesel then. And diesel is the result of the mystery polination of chem yes. And when you ppl who know your shit say diesel you mean the result of the mystery polination of chem yes. Sorry im jus trying to get this sussed out... So it is possible that dinafem may have got a clone of diesel and made s1 and thats what im growing now yes do you think??

    2easy Well-Known Member

    No dinafem's diesel is

    (New York City Diesel x (superskunk x Northern Lights)

    its a very nice plant and great smoko though

    2easy Well-Known Member


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