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Dinafem Critical +

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by bblunt, Jan 17, 2011.


    bblunt Well-Known Member

    Strain: Dinafem Critical +
    Growth: 7 weeks, topped and trained under 150w HPS
    Nutes: Foxfarm organic line plus solubles
    Yield: High (didn't weigh it, but had big fat colas)
    Bag Appeal: tight, fat nugs with lots of resin
    Smell: Fruity, kind of like skunk#1, with sandalwood as well
    Taste: like above, with emphasis on the spicy sandalwood flavor
    The High: fairly even head/body effects. Will eventually put you to sleep.

    I grew out one seed that I got as a freebee. Grew easily and didn't give me any trouble, until my closet got powdery mildew just before harvest. I also had 2 northern lights going, and they were hit with PM just as bad, so I don't think this strain is particularly susceptible. Harvested at 7 weeks, but had about 25% amber, so it was not too early. Could have gone an extra week, but it seems just fine. Big, fat colas with lots of resin. Pretty smelly during flowering, but odor is manageable. Supposedly a stabilized pheno of critical mass, which is Skunk#1 x afghani. Has a skunk-like sativa high with some extra body from the afghani. Usually puts me right to sleep a couple of hours after smoking. I like it more than the NLs I had growing beside her because of the more pronounced sativa influences. Pretty strong, but not a one hit wonder. I'm growing out another for my next harvest, because it's good, yields big, and finishes relatively fast.
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    marcnh Well-Known Member

    cool man I had 5 of these outside, got eaten or ripped, couldnt tell. o-well.

    Oban Active Member

    I recieved freebie Critical+ from Dinafem, I haven't germed it yet do to limit constrictions, but after reading your report I will germ next grow. Thanks for the report.

    dumdedum Active Member

    May have ah go at growing this outside ty for report.

    bblunt Well-Known Member

    I've grown out the rest of the pack since I wrote that smoke report. They were really great. The plants were pretty uniform, and all were potent. I think you'll be happy with them.
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    kentuckyboy Well-Known Member

    I've got a Critical Mass 33 from CH9 seeds. I got it as a freebie on my last order. I'm not growing it right now. Anyone know anything about this strain?
    beans davis

    beans davis Well-Known Member

    Yea i cut one down yesterday that hermied all to hell.
    Theres a thread going right now called opinions on ch9 female seeds?
    Go check it out boy from kane tuck

    kentuckyboy Well-Known Member

    Thanks and will do.

    dumdedum Active Member

    Any pics ?

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