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different grades of MJ

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by bakedzitti, Jun 6, 2006.


    bakedzitti Active Member

    I'm stepping into the growing world for the first time. I have plenty of knowledge, from friends growing and from my own research. But, I have no idea the reason for different grades of Marijuana. When someone says they have kryp, regs, or mids.... what differentiates them? Is it the methods used to grow the plant, or is it the actual variety of marijuana plant? Any information you can give me on this would be highly appreciated, as it will help me determine the prices I tell my friends.
    Thanks =),

    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    kryp ,regs mids I am guessing you are talking about strains which the differances between them both is huge. The strain will tell you what exactly you are growing expected crop and time of crop.

    Sublime757 Well-Known Member

    Kryp, mids, and regs refer to the quality of the herb, not to the strain or growing method. Kryp is more commonly associated with high grade strains such as Skunk or Afghani and such. Mids is a middle ground in quality. A decent smoke, but not a hydroponic or homegrown quality. Regs is commercial garbage weed. All weed starts out as being high quality. But after improper curing, packaging, passing between distributors, and finally getting shoved into your pocket, the quality suffers drastically. Prices vary dpending on residence. But on average "Kryp" goes from $40-$60 an 1/8, "Mids" $20-$30 an 1/8, and "Regs" <$20.

    NeOgRa Well-Known Member

    I just wish i knew what i was growing. My Freind from the mountains grows every year, and i just started growing what he give me but have know idea what it is except for the its mix between Indica and sativa. Is there a way to know what kind it is in paticular? like white widow ect...
    ultimate procrastinator

    ultimate procrastinator Well-Known Member


    NeOgRa Well-Known Member

    What do you meen 2 years??

    DontKnowBeans Well-Known Member

    This thread is from 2 years ago "07-14-2006" :|

    NeOgRa Well-Known Member

    Holly shit, didnt realize..:0

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