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Difference between "reg" "mid" "high" grade

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by lagarrettBLUNT, Apr 20, 2012.


    lagarrettBLUNT Active Member

    So theres a saying that goes around here "theres no such thing as mid grade" and when people say that i say well of course there is. They proceed to tell me "mid" is just good reg that assholes sell as mids to get more money. While this is true also you need to consider that if you KNOW that the mid is actually just good low grade then say HEY THIS SHIT LOW GRADE.

    I don't understand where they come from, like lets look at the types heres some reg. Very bad reg at that but also quite typical they call it brown frown for a reason. Brownish green, seeds, stems, possibly bugs, looks like some NON WEED leaves in that. Very bad shit, tastes better than a cigarette but thats about all this weeds gonna beat. around here its like 30 for a quarter of this shit cus now they tax.



    020510707-DSC_0043.jpg a huge step up unless you get some really fire reg which still it should be a step up, good shit, nice red hairs, but theres issues. Kinda stringy not very dense like that would probably burn up in 2 bowls. trichs arent all the way there but visible. probably half as much as you would see on high grade. about 40-55 a quarter for this depending on who your dealing with. Funny thing is most the people where i live would call this dro or high grade which...its not its mids. Middle class, you will find upper middle class mid too just like any other weed you will find better and worse.


    DSC_0478 (2)-578x386.jpg

    heres real high grade, look at it so tasty looking. Much more trichs than the mids you can notice right away. Also denser bud, not as stringy. Less leaves more calyx. Just flame and honestly if i got the MID in place of this id be pissed because they arent the same at all. 80-120 a quarter here.

    growers obviously need not mind about pricing but i wanted to prove a point lol.

    Pantheon Member

    the first one doesnt even look like weed
    bud nugbong

    bud nugbong Moderator

    yea i agree with you, i call it brown frown, mids, and chronic. the frown is always brick packed with no smell and usually alot of stems and seeds. not worth trying to plant at all. IMO Mids can be either really good brown wich is actually green and gets you stoned, or some poorly handled or brick packed good stuff with all the trichomes knocked off. Finally the chronic level wich is homegrown or bought directly from grower or 1st in line buyer. once bud starts getting bagged and rebagged you lose alot of the trichomes, wich is really what makes it top notch bud. and from there its all personal preference on the high type and whatnot. as far as prices its all about who you know. supply and demand really. i know an asshole who sells brownfrown for 160 an oz and another guy who sells very good dro for 280 an O.

    RawBudzski Well-Known Member

    it is compressed. Brick weed aka mexican ditch weed aka stress aka bobby brown aka stree-bo aka nick sack aka bullshyt.

    Pantheon Member

    and people buy this?
    dank smoker420

    dank smoker420 Well-Known Member

    so if you buy a quarter of reg for 30 you would be an idiot for not spending 10 dollars extra for the mids. i get good mids for about 60 a quarter and then top shelf quality i got last time was 90 a quarter but there is a big difference love the top shelf quality

    geewhizimtheshiz Active Member

    the first picture is called "schwag" and this is all i could find when i was growing up in the south.
    as soon as i moved to the city, all i can find is the third pic which of course is some dank.
    not that i'm complaining. :) bongsmilie

    kizphilly Well-Known Member

    they acutally sell shit like that in the first pic fuck that in philly we got some lime green mids thats cheap i aint never seen some tree like that thou
    meechz 024

    meechz 024 Active Member

    I'm used to smoking stuff like the 3rd pic, but I'm smoking some mids right now that looks very similar to the 2nd pic.

    This is my first time smoking mids in a while. I can can notice the difference after the first bong hit. The buzz doesn't come on as strong. The peak of the high is very short, and it starts descending from a stone down to a high pretty fast.

    it doesn't give you that satisfying moment when you 100% sure that you are nice and stoned. It's more of that "should I take another bong hit" shit.

    NnthStTrls Well-Known Member

    You guys haven't been to Houston have you? :D

    4 classes of weed are to be found in Houston. Not three. :confused: That's right.

    First you've got Brick weed. You call it schwag, brick weed, or Mexican ditch weed. 15 to 25 a quarter

    Then you've got yourself good schwag. Good schwag won't be a brick. It'll have a bit of fluff to it and it's generally alright stuff for those without the cash for the good stuff. Party pot is a good way to look at it and Brick weed. It's cheap. It smells and tastes like crap. But....roll a couple of blunts, and nobody's bitching. 20 to 35 a quarter

    While not as prevalent as schwag or dro, you can find Mids fairly consistently in some circles. Usually mids are gonna be dro level buds that have been treated too much like schwag in the shipping process. Usually mechanically trimmed and seemingly rubbed on a kief screen to be robbed of most visible trichomes. It's good stuff and the flavor is waaaay better than schwag, but it just doesn't retain it's full character like the dro will. 40-60 a quarter.

    And of course we all know dro. Dodo. Hydro. It's great. It's been treated well. It leaves a corner of your bag filled with kief when you are done smoking it. You can never get enough. And it's always got a different bullshit name that was made up 1 dealer down the line. That is of course unless you KNOW what you're smoking. If you do, you'll pay the price, but it's worth it every time. Dank. 90 to 120 a quarter.

    That's pot in H-town. :bigjoint: :peace:

    SunnyHours Active Member

    Well it also depends where you live...
    Where I live, your "mids" are my "reg".
    Then there's NL, Jack herer, blueberry, haze skunk in the mid grade.
    And all the new "medical" strains and kushes are the high grade.
    Of course there's always how good it looks and all, but when I buy high grades and it doesn't look the part I negociate hehe
    Psychedelic Breakfast

    Psychedelic Breakfast Well-Known Member

    Eye of the beholder

    Except pic #1 :eyesmoke:

    BigJo1400 New Member

    I love reggie!! Its one of the best strains of weed to me im my opinion..it has a harsh taste that doesn't taste very well, and it really doesn't have a smell but if you could bypass that reggie is great for smokers who just want a small buzz or have trouble sleeping, i would recommend reggie to beginning smokers who doesn't really wanna get to addictive because of loud having a better smell and taste its more addictive.. they have so many strands of loud, I've taste some loud that taste like all cereal!! Literally ALL CEREAL! don't get me wrong i like my loud.) i get high as hell off loud but i noticed also you have to smoke more reggie than you do loud to get high, so what i do for that is ( because my funds aren't capable of rolling real fat spliffs weed every day, week, or whatever.) instead of rolling very fat spliffs of reggie and seeking for a high to eventually come in, i roll a nice medium size spliff mixed with my favorite loud (Girl Scout Cookies) getting that taste of loud and reggie mixed milds down the spliff so you get your high you want from your loud :) and relaxation from your reggie :) regardless, in my opinion its better because to much of anything is harmful, so rolling smaller joints has came out just right for me :) but if i had to choose between the reggie and loud :( I would probably pick reggie lmbo i could from old school all we had was reggie and trust me reggie tasted MUCH better back in the day!!! Reggie doesn't taste very attractive now and days..

    tyler.durden Well-Known Member

    First post in a TNT Necrothread? Can anyone say mainliner?
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    cannabineer Ursus marijanus


    CaliSmokes Well-Known Member

    And this is why we have trouble moving forward with Cannabis.

    curious2garden Well-Known Member

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    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    The Germans have a solution


    jerryb73 Well-Known Member

    This guy..lol
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    srh88 Well-Known Member

    I have a male plant I'll sell you.. get you super high

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