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difference between gross and net weight

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by asaph, Aug 14, 2011.


    asaph Well-Known Member

    say, a grow op that yields 1 lbs per cycle, with another parallel veg closet, how much gross weight would that have upon seizure?

    forgetfulpenguin Active Member

    Gross weight is with packaging and net weight is without.

    edit: The estimated weight of a plant or grow op can very a good bit between jurisdiction. With the information you provided nothing can be determined because there is no way to guarantee that your estimate of what it takes to produce a lb is going to be the same as the states estimate. They may do things like weigh the soil and pots as well as the plant to determine the "weight" of the plant itself.

    sync0s Well-Known Member

    If they did that to me I'd be hoping I hadn't watered yet... lol

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