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  1. Well let's try this again. Admins deleted my other thread till I pay for advertising so just gonna post my grow here. Hopefully this is allowed.

    Plans for 2017 are huge. Got 2000 square foot outdoor space, 800 square foot greenhouse, and a second location I'm doing community garden.

    Cover crop is going, seed selections are mostly decided. Here's to an awesome season

    stay free stay high

  2. @treemansbuds idk if you saw before thread was deleted, but I'm 30 to 50 mins from the eclipse and would love to have you here. Can run power to the cab over and there's plenty of room. I'm not sure how the eclipse will be from my place, but is a quick drive up i5 to get the center the eclipse.
  3. couple quick shots.

    blue city diesel

    night shows 003.JPG night shows 006.JPG

    blackberry moonshine
    night shows 030.JPG

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    Man my grow got robbed so I'll have to create another moniker because I believe the low life cocksuckers know me by smidge and follow my shit here. I'll let the people I know in on my knew identity by pm. Maybe one day soon I'll get back straight and start popping your genetics. :wink:
  5. Can't wait my friend.

    treemansbuds Well-Known Member

    Sorry about that, Sunni "jumped my shit" for "a inappropriate subject post" in your thread and may have deleted it.......sorry if that's the case.:dunce:
    Eclipse, perfect location, this is sounding like a great plan spending a day or two at the farm then viewing the eclipse. So looking forward to this trip, getting better by the minute. I'll be sure to bring "gifts" to for you.;):hump: bongsmilie

  7. I need to pay the ad fee, so pretty sure it was me not you lol. I gave you a call, feel free to give me a buzz. The tree man is definitely welcome at my farm, would be a pleasure. Plants should be big and beautiful in August as well.
  8. Got a ton of seeds in the dirt, popping looking for 3-5 males. Planted 72 congo dog, 72 bangi blue glue, 20 88 g13/Hashplant, 15 8 + year old road kill skunk, 72 hard dick blues x orange og x sr71, 72 hard dick blues x bangi haze, 40 stardawg x white stardawg, 20 ace mix, 10 wet dreams s1, 30 blackberry jabba x prime moonshine, 40 grape stomper x headband, headband x mikado headband, sour grapes x stardawg, and a few others.

    Also, got my ohio deathstar cut, gorilla glue 4, chem dawg, pacific and nevilles cut of g13, loompas cut of headband, old school cut of mikado, Uk Cheese (psychosis cut) and pacifics cut of bubba kush (older then the pre 98) back in house. Got a few of my testers holding others for me to get back in house as well. All in all, busy times for sure.

    Planning on starting my full season seeds either feb or march waxing moon. Have to see how weather is. I plan starting directly in my greenhouse, with lights on to mimic june 1st daylight hours. Got 24 yards of compost delivered, 10 yards of homemade casting, and 10 yards of homemade earth worm castings LOADED with worms and springtails ready for the snow to melt to be moved. Have 2 garden spots this year plus my indoor grows...talk about crazy times ahead. the plan is 2 48 plant gardens, all going to be running my gear. Should be fun times!
  9. some recent hash making!

    HASH 019.JPG HASH 003.JPG
  10. Snow days on the farm, snow days 011.JPG snow days 014.JPG
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  11. I have pulled out my seed vault out the freezer and went thru and selected the seeds for the upcoming full season outdoor gardens. Running my medical 48 plant garden, as well as doing a co op garden with a local friend, where we are also maxing out at 48 plants. Should be a fun season for sure, with a lot of sore back days! To find the best of the best, I have decided to plant 600 seeds...this should give me a large enough pool to select some really special, stinky gals, and hopefully find a few super males as well. I decided to go with :

    DFG bred:

    25 black balled

    40 bangi blue glue

    45 Congo dog

    40 hard dick blues x orange og x sr71

    60 wet dreams x orange og x sr71

    60 banging dreams

    50 moonshine haze

    15 blackberry candy

    30 cheese surprise x blueberry snow lotus

    40 slymer x bangi haze

    40 congolese kush

    40 grapestomper x orange og x sr71
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  12. Seed starts for indoor and male hunting is looking good, about 10 days old from seed now. Deaths tar is getting some nice lst training, and cloner is full full. Snow melted off here, but we got more forecasted. Got the winter cabin blues going on for sure!

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