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Desert grow

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Not To Nineveh, Mar 5, 2007.

    Not To Nineveh

    Not To Nineveh Active Member

    Hello everyone, I'm new both to this site and to growing. I am a rather mellow person and I really hate talking to other people who, frankly, scare the hell out of me, to get my weed. So I decided to grow my own. The problem is that I live in the Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada area/climate and I'm afraid it wont grow well. I plan to grow outside because indoor growing is simply not an option for me. I have a lovely expanse of land though, that is totally private. I just need to know if there are special things I should do to deal with my climate. It sometimes gets up to the hundreds, it rains very little, and when it does it usually rains hard, and the soil is not at all perfect. Our last frost day is May 10th, and I can't start them inside. So are there special concerns with the soil, water, nutrients, etc., that I should be aware of? Also, is there a particular strain that is best for where I am? I am a complete beginner so I would prefer a plant that is relatively easy to grow. And if so is there I website from which I can purchase them? I would really appreciate any help I could get. I just want to have some fun gardening and have some fine herb as a result, without having to risk any negatives of buying. I would REALLY appreciate the help of someone who has grown under these conditions.

    sofly Well-Known Member

    are there any plants growing were u plan on planting ur weed. and if im not mistaken dosent it get below freezing at night there? and over 100 during the day..those are bad conditions u want 70-85 maybe 65

    indicaivy Active Member

    Most of your strains will thirve during the heat, especiallythe tropical strains. Just make sure that you are definitely past your frost and that they have plenty of water in that heat, just don't overwater them. If you have to grow them in 5 gallon buckets put holes in the bottom and place store bought soil in them, the 5 gallon should give them plenty of room especially for the indica strains. During a heavy rain storm, if you know that one is on it's way you can always run out and cover them til the storm is over. Since your new to this I would not start out spending alot of money on the seeds, alot of beginners will start out on the bag seeds that they get when they get some stash. If not that way there are a few sites in the UK that carry good seeds alot of them are cheap with free seeds and are discreet. Good Luck

    Not To Nineveh

    Not To Nineveh Active Member

    Thank you. It doesn't get below about 70 or 80 in the summer time, but it does get very hot. There is a lot of sagebrush and a few evergreen trees, along with various desert grasses where I plan to grow. I appreciate the tip on the five gallon buckets. Can I just grow them in store-bought soil the whole time? Money with the seeds really isn't an issue, but I would be thrilled to find a site that would sell me some seeds discreetly and have an easy strain that could thrive in the heat. I'm gathering that some kind of Indica strain would be best? And what exactly constitutes "overwatering?" It is VERY dry here. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

    7xstall Well-Known Member

    most people new to growing anything will over water and kill off whatever they are growing... once you make it past the established seedling phase you can judge the moisture content of the soil by touch or even just looking at it. your best bet is to under water, they wilt and let you know they need some water if you go too long.

    after you bury your pots (leaving them out in the sun will kill the roots) you can drill a 3/16 hole in a new 5gal and fill it with water, set it near your plant stalk and it will let water trickle out. i think the article this idea came from said this will water for about a week.
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor


    Spend some time preparing your soil and your water... this will make a HUGE difference!

    Not To Nineveh

    Not To Nineveh Active Member

    Hey, thanks guys. I appreciate all the help. I think I'll do that thing with the five gallon bucket. Thanks a LOT for the advice on burying the pots. I would have fried my roots. And thanks for the tip on underwatering over overwatering. I think I've got all I need to know except, I'd still like to know if there's a strain that will work best here. Anyone? Thank you all again.

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    Dude, the plant should grow great out there!

    I have had great luck with Rhino seeds

    Some strains you should look at:
    Durban Poison from Dutch Passion
    Mazar, also from DP, my favorite!
    Siver Haze from Sensi Seeds

    Sativa's will take longer to grow than an Indica.

    You may want to pick up a pack of each, 1 sativa, 1 Indica.

    Any strain that has a strong Sativa background. They will grow big, love the heat, and have a great buzz. Anything that has haze in it's pedigree is a good starting point.

    purplegorillas Active Member

    As far as strain try afgahn or anything crossed with afghan as it is very resistant especially to heat (the strain started in afghanistan so i think your climate is slightly better)
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    UserFriendly New Member

    sounds like good advice. you need to get in touch with some breeders/seedbanks to be sure. Green man's Seedbank Update is a good place to start. :mrgreen:
    Not To Nineveh

    Not To Nineveh Active Member

    Hey, thanks guys. Videoman40, thanks a ton for the strains and the site. And thanks for the Link User Friendly. Helped a lot. Do you guys think a Hawaiin strain would work here?

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