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Dense buds while alive, fluffy after harvest

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by QueefCollins, Apr 5, 2010.


    probo24 Well-Known Member

    No, that's not what i'm saying.

    What i said was telling someone not to do something
    that will damage trichomes, and then to give advice
    like put dried buds in a bag and shake it
    for a few minutes will do the exact same thing. Aka damage the trichomes.
    My advice would be to have plenty of light, and the correct growing conditions,
    grow the plants until they're mature.
    Harvest, trim, or dry then trim, then cure. Taking care not to handle
    buds too much as to not lose the valuable trichomes.
    Buds grow dense when they're grown under the correct
    conditions, and allowed to fully mature. Not because you shake them
    in a paperbag.

    QueefCollins Member

    Thanks Ledhed. I asked for helpful advice and that's what I got from you.

    The tupperware was only a temporary storage place and by no means will I keep them in there. I took all my glass to the recycling last week (not thinking ahead that I would need it) so I just need to make spaghetti tonight so I can use that glass.

    PeaceLuvPot Member

    Thats no good. If you are making spaghetti and not making the sauce, how on earth can we trust you to cure your buds correctly? :wall:

    Sorry, I am Italian, had to say it. :) :) :)

    Mr.EyezLayLow Well-Known Member


    QueefCollins Member

    Here's a novel idea:

    We all know chlorophyll in tree leaves (oak, maple, etc.) breaks down in the fall due to lower temperatures, which allows the other colored pigments in the leaves to reveal themselves (red, yellow, and orange). If one of the main purposes of the curing stage is to allow for the breakdown of chlorophyll, wouldn't putting the curing buds in the fridge help the chlorophyll break down faster? Me thinks yes.

    JQuick Active Member

    best avatar on this site ever lol

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