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Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by SmokeNeth, Sep 3, 2010.


    SmokeNeth Member

    Anyone ever ordered from Demonseeds.com??

    hotnhigh Member

    Yep I have! 4 times

    Just finishing a grow with barneys Blue Cheese & BLZ Bud from seedism all doing perfect..
    Found demonseeds.com brilliant, customer service is good & seeds are good.

    I have used attitude before who were good too but www.demonseeds.com have MUCH better customer service & prices for pick n mix seeds
    Token Winston

    Token Winston Member

    Just looked at their website. They have great looking products and I love the ability to buy single seeds. I will look and see if their are more reviews.

    hotnhigh Member


    SmokeNeth Member

    Thats good to hear! i like them as they offer a good stealth service at a reasonable price. Just ordered a few GreenHouse Church seeds. I'll see how they go and post some feedback

    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    keep us posted![​IMG] i'm not sure anyone else did a review on them
    Token Winston

    Token Winston Member

    How is the demon seeds order coming?

    hotnhigh Member

    Got my order through no worries at all. My beanz are all in perfect condition & now resting in their little propogator keeping warm ;-)

    Stealth was so good I had almost thrown out the seeds with the packaging but found them on second look. I will def be re-ordering from Demon seeds now I know they deliver such a good service

    Happy days!

    chusett Well-Known Member

    ill have to look into DS sometime. I use single seed centre .. no issues

    NewbGrower^.^ Active Member

    Hotnhigh seems sketchy.... and so does demonseeds... Sorry to say

    Hotnhigh: You say you ordered from them 4 times..... You almost threw out the package because the stealth was so good. Wouldn't the stealth be as good as the other 4 purchases or even similar for you not to be so careless to throw out the box? You also say you will be re-ordering from them since you know they deliver such a good service.. Isn't 4 previous purchases enough to know that? Lol:roll: But hey I could be completely wrong and a dumb stoner. Just be cautious everyone.

    mudgie Member

    Is it too late to take a c/u of your beenz? I'd like to see them. Thx


    hotnhigh Member

    Wow NewbGrower you're such a skeptic m8 :blsmoke:. I am always cautious with any seedbank as ya never really know all I can say is that I get good service from DS.com in the past 4 orders, but I also got a good service form the 'tude (although not as good stealth)

    And regards the packaging each time I ordered using stealth I get a different "gift" and different place my seeds are concealed...so yeah it is possible to not know where to look for your beanz.

    I will take a photo of the last order I got ( 2 x White Widow & 3 x ice Cream from Paradise)as I havent put them in yet so you can see that I have really ordered and I have really got my seeds... also if ya like, to ease your worries taht I am sketchy as ya call it, I will take a few shots of my BLZ & Blue cheese and post them here in this thread too.. will do this afternoon... same such negativity from some people.. must be bud infused paranoia ;-) :joint:

    I will post my pics later today

    Hope that eases your mind!


    hotnhigh Member

    Chusett... what was singleseedcentres stealth shipping like & were the seeds well packaged?
    Will give them a try too this week I think, cant have enough good seedbanks to choose from :)

    mudgie Member

    What I'm asking hotnhigh is for a c/u pic of the seeds themselves. In my long experience, any indica seed that is mature but does not have some sort of mottling or tiger stripes is likely to be something less than the HT centerfold we all seek. I'm not questioning your credibility just curious for a peek at what you're starting with.

    x Scarface x

    x Scarface x Member

    Mudgie, for a guy with only 5 post, you sure do sound like a pro
    I've been looking all over the place for a new seedbank after the last batch i last ordered ended up in the hands of customs :(
    So along with mudgie i would like to see these seeds you got & the final product... Pictures of your grown plants


    mudgie Member

    I'm a pro amateur! Hopefully, I'll be judged on the quality of my posts, not the quantity. Some of us were growing for personal use before Al Gore invented the internet:) I also just discovered this site. Now let's see some seeds hotnhigh.


    djruiner Well-Known Member

    they seem legit..i think the same people that run the worldwidemarijuanaseeds.com site runs that place...about the same setup and location

    hotnhigh Member

    Sorry for not being around at the weekend but I work all weekend so wasnt online!

    So....I have taken some pics of what I received as requested, going to take a couple pics of the plants at lunch time and hopfully get them posted in a couple of hours

    hotnhigh Member

    Packaging (for obvious reasons I havent shown the stealth method used)


    Seeds (Icecream)
    The Girls:



    NewbGrower^.^ Active Member

    Photo shopped....

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