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Delicious Fruity Chronic Juice

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by brotherjericho, Sep 12, 2012.


    brotherjericho Well-Known Member

    So...there seem to be plenty of grows on here for this plant, but I can't seem to find any smoke reports embedded in any of them. Anyone have impressions of this one? Seems to be 90% indica, wondering if I'll be sleeping well in a few months time :). Just dropped a freebie seed in water yesterday and this morning it already had a nice taproot popping out, put her in soil just a few minutes ago.

    brotherjericho Well-Known Member

    Nothing? Guess I'll have to post my own in about 13-14 weeks ;P

    mikejhh Active Member

    I'm hacking down one girl tomorrow that was grown 12-12 from seed. If I get the time I will post some pics and let you know how the smoke is.

    Super easy plant to grow too.

    brotherjericho Well-Known Member

    Fast to go to seedling thus far, dropped the bean in a glass of water, then soil, little seedling is up after less than 72 hours.
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    petedav Well-Known Member

    my m8 got 1, 3 weeks in veg, and looking great lol.

    ataxia Well-Known Member

    if you search there are people who have grown it out ... check my sigs ... i believe i have pictures in one of my journals ....

    ... i've heard varying reports. My plant was an easy grower(purchased only one fem seed), she needed a little extra N during growth... came out with HUGE colas ... which IMO seemed to lack some density .. finished in about 9 weeks.

    the smoke .... Very nice. 6.8 out of 10. my pheno had a very floral, hibiscus type flavor ... nothing too strong, but ..good nonetheless. A total hybrid also. didn't carry too much couchlock nor was too euphoric. for me just a middle of the road smoke .. but i loved growing her ...
    ...others had better success with different phenos than me .... Fruity Chronic would be great for a beginner. good luck with your grow!!! .... don't go on my experience alone ...i've heard fantastic reviews from others ....

    brotherjericho Well-Known Member

    Ty...yeah I've searched the threads here, but they all seem to lack the smoke report. I love growing, but I enjoy the end result more.

    I can grow beautiful tomatoes that are flavorless, but what would be the point?
    The Mantis

    The Mantis Active Member

    hey brojericho -

    I'm on my 3rd grow of this girl (first outside). I got a freebie fem seed about a year or so ago with an order from tude. i just threw her under a t5 for a while and she veged nicely. i threw her in the grow room and made a couple cuttings of her to grow for the 2nd and 3rd time. She smells like juicy fruit gum imo and tastes great too. The high is ok, not too much indica couchlock. Def some floral domincance over any WW resemblance. She's in a small pot(2gal) in my greenhouse now. The pot really limited her size. So go bigger. The buds this time outside are a little fluffy compared to the inside grows. Maybe the pot too? I added some ferts a week or so ago to dense her up and it seems to be working. Easy to grow too like ataxia said. People will love the smell and taste. High not the best for major smokers (prob 7 for me), but a nice addition for a light smoking evening session. However, this will be my last grow of the fem plant as to i'm kind of over the super sweet plants. Good luck

    Here's a pic from a week or so ago

    Here's one of the whole plant inside
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    rory420420 Well-Known Member

    I just got back from a grower vacation where we had shittons of strains,waxes,hashes,only one oil (sigh),and more edibles than one could count..the fav was fruity chronic.its wax was outstanding! Big dense lime green buds with a fruit tray aroma and a strawberry candy/melon type taste..I rolled a two paper joint the size of a coke can (a little longer actually)and it was tasty all the way down..alas I was really fuckin stoned beforehand and can't give you asmoke report as far as potency,but I can tell you I was so impressed I just received c cannfirmation that my cut is in the mail (grin!)..I do have one joint of this strain on me and am on my way to garden,will smoke it and let ya know if I can remember...
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    bookechu Well-Known Member

    I just harvested mine @ 7wks on Sunday. Trichs were 70cloudy/30clear...I'll let you guys know how it smokes...

    rory420420 Well-Known Member

    Ok,sry it took a month to report on a joint..lol...went clearheaded and was very impressed,good all around smoke,was very fruity,as its name,made me want to smack my tounge for the added flavor..was very uplifting,made mixing 30 pots of soil enjoyable(not),but helped with energy and music,no paranoia..not body crushing by anymeans...have 9 females from my cuts veggin now,going tomorro to give em the guano and switch em into flowering..will try to post a small description onhow the ladies do...great smoke is negated I feel by a hard to grow strain..I want a melding of the two factors...big up to ohio mike if he's here for the cuts :-)
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    achester Member

    FCJ has been my staple strain for over a year. I love growing it (I'm not much of a smoker). It grows tall and strong with a great yield. The canopy isn't too dense as the water leaves are thin and sativa with great light penetration. The awesome thing is the huge colas.

    Resin on this plant is off the scale. After 5 weeks in flowering, it is completely covered in fruity aromatic trichromes. I have only one complaint, with all that resin, the plant is prone to mold quick. Mold has crippled several harvests this past winter. All in all, I love this strain.
    Darth Matters

    Darth Matters Member

    I know this is late but I've smoked a lot of this and it is very good.
    sno capz

    sno capz Well-Known Member

    I'm even later and i just ordered 5 fem seeds of FCJ from delicious seeds!

    Proffy New Member

    First post! I was given a plant and told it was "fruit punch". Is this the same strain? Have read a few variations on the name, all containing the word fruit.

    Anyway this is my first plant in over 30 years (grew one beauty in 1983 tha t yielded nearly an lb). Has recently started flowering. Hope to report back on it's smokeability soon! Here are a couple pictures.

    Attached Files:

    sno capz

    sno capz Well-Known Member

    Breeder: Heavyweight
    Strain: Fruit Punch
    Haze x skunk x northern lights


    Delicious seeds makes Fruity Chronic Juice

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    Proffy New Member

    Thanks for the clarification sno capz. If my buds look like the ones in the link, I'll be one happy little farmer! Like I said, hope to be back with a smoke report in due time. Thank you.
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    sno capz

    sno capz Well-Known Member

    I've been on a fruit flavor kick with my buds lately... Right now im growing sour blueberry along side a white widow. Just finished a cherry og with another halfway into flower... The cherry og was excellent!
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    doublewig Member

    I was gonna put some pics up but don't know how iam new. fcj is a amazing plant she is part of my collection and always will be I find flavor is best between 63 and 70 the grapefruit orange darkness to the max

    indicat33 Well-Known Member

    Verry nice Sno Capz ! :clap: I ran a blueberry x the real McCoy from Irish Rose seeds years ago and it was fantastic. Love the blue hues, berry smell/taste and STRONG Indica effects. A 3 of my girls leaned towards the Indica side of the hybrid. Made a large, potent batch of brownies from the trim. All my close friends and I were "gone" (to another dimension) for days at a time, eating these "space brownies" :o. A 12 hr psychedelic experience from one brownie. Soo Many Strains to run... narrowing them down to a few at a time is the real trick !
    PS- That is a funny -ass avatar... still chuckling :lol:
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