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Decarbing help

Discussion in 'Roll It Up Cafe' started by Mrlen, Jan 29, 2016.


    Mrlen New Member

    Hello all I have just over and oz of bud I soaked it for about 8 hours as I was told this will take some of the taste out of the edibles. I let it dry over night. Its not totally dry but I was going to Decarb for 1hour at 240. Do you think that would be a sufficient amount of time for the decarbing process to work?

    Phatlewtz Well-Known Member

    Tis how I decarb and people are happy..the best ways I've personally found to mask that "weed" taste is infuse my butter/oil with Vanilla Bean or Extract, and at xmas time I like using peppermint extract....lots of ways to add flavor to mask that taste...

    I generally let my buds get overly dry by air, stick in the freezer for an hour then kinda crush it up really well in a ziploc, layer it flat on cookie sheets with parchment and let it do its thing...i am a fan of cheese cloth when straining that plant matter out from the oil/butter, seems to get nearly every speck
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