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Deadhead OG under 2 600W HPS. Looks like a keeper!!!

Discussion in 'Breeders Paradise' started by 36Chamberz, Jan 4, 2013.


    36Chamberz Member

    Good lookin' out to Swerve! Thanks for the replacements! As you can see I've put them to great use. IMAG0411-2.jpg ROLLITUP.jpg IMAG0411-1.jpg
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    StewartWarner Active Member

    hey man its looking good! was it vert or a horazontal grow?

    36Chamberz Member

    Vert. I just let them go natural. They're all dank but this is the prize!

    shaymuny Well-Known Member

    that pic is a dead head og?? what r ur temps at?? cant say ive seen a Chem 91 x SFV og turn so purple like that before... almost looks like a pre 98 bubba... super dank tho awesome job

    biscopat Member

    I also grow this strain but have never had any purple color of any kind. My pheno taste amazing/chem dog taste for sure and has a smell I've never smelled before. Just straight nasty smell, like rotten fruit. It will blow out a living room in a matter of minutes and that's just carrying it in your pocket.

    basementgrower420 Member

    looks to be temp and deficient in something like P or something to get that color.. if it was btetter dialed in .. ud have a lot more weight on there. i have a keeper of Deadhead og also.. but i dont think i have pics of it in flower. i just ran a tester clone of it because i was gifted it a while ago. and never ran it.. so we tried it. and boom.. keeper. only thing is . u wana get the lights as close as possible from day 1.. even if u need to use CFLS to VEG . because if not ull have golf ball size buds.. that are like 4-5 inches apart from eachother making it a very long stretchy plant.

    jhod58vw Well-Known Member

    Shit look's dank as hell. rep ++ to ya bro

    jojodancer10 Well-Known Member

    Looks nice but I've heard to many things about cali conection to take a chance with my money but she looks good

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