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Dead leaves, should I cut em?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by markey, Jul 6, 2008.


    markey Active Member

    One of my leaves is about 90 percent dry/dead, she is attached to a stem, should I cut her?

    Kyle"yoMTVraps" Active Member

    yes its not doin any good for the plant if its not at least 70% alive more its just using up nutrients tring to bring it back instead of growth.
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    stonerboy1 Well-Known Member

    i would cut it

    IGTHY Well-Known Member

    Just one cut it to the stem end so that the node still has viable energy to that node from stem,eventually the leafless stem will dry and fall off on it's own. KEEP SMOKE ALIVE!!

    markey Active Member

    hmmm so just cut off the leaf and not the stem right? I will do that thanks

    rolley Active Member

    i have only got a 15 watt bulb is tht ok
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    csd7025 Well-Known Member

    HAHAHA best first post i've read.

    BigTimeBurner91 Active Member

    today i came home to see the top of my plant burned...the top new leaves got burned kinda bad and shirvled up.. i cut the stme about a half inch below the dead leaves....did i make a mistake

    iloveit Well-Known Member

    He He He me too.

    Boneman Well-Known Member

    I stole this from MoE but its good info. If you got a dead or nasty leaf, get rid of it.

    Pruning Marijuana- Pruning is the removal of unwanted, often dead foliage. Pruning away old yellowing leaves helps to preserve the health of the garden. Never remove healthy leaves. Pruning marijuana is also done to concentrate growth into certain favored areas of the plant. Pruning is done in some cases to prevent the spread of disease. Any removal of foliage or branches will slow growth for a few days while the plant recovers. Try to snip or cut when pruning. Over-pruning leads to plant shock leading to all kinds of problems such as stunted growth and/or death.
    Topping Marijuana- Topping a plant refers to cutting off the top shoot(s) of cannabis plants. You can pinch, clip or snip off the tallest shoots or the freshest shoots. Cut the branch stem just below the last fully developed node,. The plant starts developing branches at the remaining nodes. This is a good techniques to keep a plant short and bushy. Or you can develop many top colas instead of just one. Don't top a plant more than twice and never top when it is in the flowering stage. Bending Marijuana - Carefully pull down the branches of your cannabis plant, or the whole plant, tye them down. You are now forcing them to grow horizontally. Tthe nodes will start producing branches or buds that grow straight up. Bending should be done gradually to avoid pinching or snapping the stem. Use soft hemp string or cloth to secure the branch or stem loosely when tying down to minimize damage to the soft stems. Growth is slowed for awhile as the cannabis plant adjusts to the shock of being bent. This is a good technique to maximize space in a small grow room.

    Johnnyorganic Well-Known Member

    Yeah... for a night light.
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    luckymover Active Member

    I went ahead and transplanted her (Friday morning) into a pot so its movable now. She is in the same soil that she was in and I made sure I dug around the root ball. Its outside durring the day and inside at night. I know its going to go through shock from being uprooted and the temp difference between inside and out. All of the older bigger leaves are drooping pretty good and turning yellowish. Here are some pics. Is this from the shock, or is something else going on here. The tops and smaller leaves seem to be doing fine, but I dont want it to spread.

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    420Average Member

    You trying to read a book in the dark or...
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    Splifffff Member

    LMAOOOOOO :joint:

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    It won't hurt anything. The only(almost) time I choose to cut a leaf off, is if I get paranoid,lol and think that there's a chance of it growing mold/fungus. Well, or if it's hanging close to, or in, the soil, for the same reason. Otherwise, I don't cut any. I wait until they are yellow,(for example) and fall off when I touch them. Those, are no longer in use, and are ready to go, obviously.LOL

    There's other times when it's okay to cut or trim, but, I hate trying to explain 'when and why' to a new grower, because it's something I think you should learn for yourself, what works for you. Experiment a little, and you'll get a 'feel' for it. Just don't get too carried away, and it's tough to do any real damage. On my second grow, I got the bright idea to cut off the majority of large fan leaves near the top of the plant, during mid-flowering. Well, let me tell ya, those buds turned out airy as hell, and the plant never seemed to finish. It was a consistent 8-9 week strain, during all my other grows, always producing nice dense buds, so I know the trimming really messed it up. I knew right away, because I was watering every other day, before trimming, and every 4-5 days, after trimming. It definitely altered the metabolism of the plant,(the main risk of trimming leaves, IMO) and it never seemed to take off again. I put it into 'eternal slow motion'.LOL

    anomolies Well-Known Member

    If your stem is close enough to the soil (usually is if you LST), I prefer to trim off the leaf, but leave the stem, and bury it into the soil to create roots. multiple trunk sites.

    jawbrodt Well-Known Member

    Um,....I'm not sure what technique you are describing, but it seems like you are talking about very specific circumstances? Like...burying a small lower branch, in which you've removed the main leaf/leaves, then burying that near-bare stem? That would work. But, being as loaded as I am,LOL it sounded like you were saying that you can take the leftover section of stem that was connected to the leaf(after you've cut the 'fan' from it), bend it down to the soil, bury it, and have it grow roots. I'm high, but, that still sounds impossible. :lol: I'm guessing it's the wording that's a little mixed up? Or,....maybe you have a decent buzz, too? :blsmoke:
    Chef Haz3

    Chef Haz3 Member

    lmfao jawbrodt...

    SnOoPXIV Active Member

    shit happens just cut as close to the steam as possible or else there is gonna be a chance of fungi, mold, pest, ETC....

    JP1 Member

    oh it would be absolutely fine... I mean like why would most people run 400w-1000w which costs alot more if 15watts did the job.....?

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