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de sjamaan purple widow

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by pot scott, Nov 5, 2009.

    pot scott

    pot scott Well-Known Member

    any body had this strain?, im thinkin bout ordering a 10 pack from worldwide marijuana seeds. i can't decide what strain to grow outdoors next season! plz help!

    robby963 Active Member

    i have just bought some last night, never grown with them before but i hope you find some information as i could do with finding some aswell :)

    DVXSteverino Well-Known Member

    I just started 2 of these indoors 3-4 weeks back..Maybe a month now...these are outdoor strains, but I wanted purple and the price,...was worth a gamble to try..SO....the first plant flowered at 3 weeks, 5 " tall. Light was 6500k CFL's.(for about 3 weeks, then to 400w MH for a week or 2, then HPS remainder). Needless to say HE never made it to the MH...Had about a dozen and a half little damn nuts...Musta been stressed from the beginning.. Light has always been 18/6.. Now the Second one I just looked tonight, and damn if SHE hasn't started flowering..Good I guess though..that she is a girl..You can tell that this strain is an outdoor type.. very lanky for a small grow. I would advise doing some LSTing or topping or something early on as this seems like an autoflower..(wasnt suppose to be if I remember correctly)..Weird tho...only strain to have ever done this.. SO I have a girl about 12" tall, and ready for flowering..Kinda sucks, 2 reasons,.: One, being an outdoor strain,..needs more veg time, and LSTing.. to thicken up potential bud sights.. Two,...I have to force flower my other 4,..(2 WW and 2 AK48)...Still weighing options, as I just found "Her" a short while ago.. Have you got yours yet?

    universalthumb Active Member

    all mine autoflowered dnt know why

    Yagler Member

    i bought a 10 pack of these to try 5 of wich were mutants with crumply leaves 1 of wich just doesnt grow!, i dont beleive it has anything to do with conditions or soil as i poped 40 other seeds of several diferant variaties in the same dirt same conditions with praticaly 100 percent good results, the few decent plants left of p.w seem very vigorous and are starting to smell allready alltho they are verry Young and small , hope there not auto-flouring on me! wait and see! , not impressed thus far!

    Yagler Member

    thats outdoor

    moonstar45 Active Member

    i had bad germ rates and the ones that did were male

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