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Day one Dwc Flowering first time grower

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by jad0086, Feb 14, 2013.


    jad0086 Member

    hey guys this is my first post on the forums as ie finally started flowering and here is the tricky part right, anyway heres some backround information
    400watt m/h
    dutchmaster gold A+B grow
    canna rhizotonic
    3 northern lights x kush
    from week 1-3 ppm was 550 at p.h remained stable at 5.5
    week 4-6 of veg ppm was boosted up to 850 and plants took to it very well
    p.h has always been stable and so has ppm

    today i started flowering heres what the go is
    400 watt hps
    dutchmaster gold range nutrients A+B flower
    Dutchmast gold Add.27
    Canna Pk-13,14
    ppm is currently at 1000 and p.h stable at 5.5

    my questions are for you am i doing the right things and if not what can i do to improve
    PHOTos below peace

    image.jpg flower day 1 first dwc.jpg myplant flower day 1.jpg

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