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DAY 42 of Flowering

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by Situation420, Jun 25, 2013.


    Situation420 Active Member

    Alright well here you go. This is day 39 of Flowering and they still have at least 2 and a half maybe 3 weeks left. Right now they are on day 42 and have thickened even more. Can anyone show me an LED Grow that outperforms this.
    2 HPS lights running on 750 watt setting
    2 6 ft. light rails with movers
    Bubbleponics DWC individual 5 gallon buckets
    NO AC
    Ceiling height 7' from floor, 9' x 8' grow area
    CO2 injection monitored 1300 to 1600 ppm range
    400CFM exhaust fan for air exchange
    3 Fans to maintain vigorous air movement and air temp @ 85 degrees

    Cost $ 84 a month to operate electric
    $75 in CO2
    $650 in nutrients

    Avg yield 1900 to 2200 grams every 7 weeks

    IMG_0482.jpg IMG_0480.jpg IMG_0479.jpg IMG_0478.jpg IMG_0483.jpg

    Here's a picture of the whole thing:

    View attachment 2712827

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    skunkd0c Well-Known Member

    how do you spend $650 on plant food or is that a typo :)

    nice grow would be nice to see them under white light


    Malevolence New Member

    Use AN and their recommended feeding schedule would probably be $650 :dunce:

    Situation420 Active Member

    ill post up some pics in a few days their falling over so im kinda dealing with a big headache cuz the buds are too big for the branches

    Yea $650 is a low end estimate too. By the time you end up adding all the micronutirents, enzymes, sugars, starches, proteins, ph buffers, and then the base nutrients along with rooting hormones and essential vitamins and amino acids and beneficial bacteria, your looking at around $650-$750 to operate a 100 gallon system for 2 months.

    PuffinTuff420 Member

    Get some sturdy stakes (if using soil or soiless mix growing medium) and string and twist ties will fix that bro thats what i had to do when my
    buds get super heavy just dont restrict the plant nutrient flow by twist tying on the branch too tight. Tip: to staighten a branch that leans to one side twist tie one on the main shoot of branch next to a horizontal side branch bring the twist tie under the horizontal side branch so it lifts into the desired direction and secure with string to your sturdy stake! Good Luck!

    bigworm6969 Well-Known Member

    nice looking budz keep updating us bro

    Situation420 Active Member

    Heres day 43, I took these last night right as the light turned on. I'll try to get some closeups tonight too.
    IMG_0486.jpg IMG_0485.jpg

    Situation420 Active Member

    Here's a couple photos taken right before the lights turn on with a couple of close ups this time. They still have around 2 weeks left.

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    augusto1 Well-Known Member

    Is it right to use exhaust fan when you are using CO2 ?

    Situation420 Active Member

    Yea I exhaust my room for 15 min every 2 hours and let the CO2 run for an hour and 45 mins, it lets fresh air come in that is also good for the plants and makes my garden more efficient when it comes to cooling it and keeping the humidity down. Also at night time you don't use CO2 so you can just run the air exchange at night time and not need a dehumidifier or ac on wasting electricity.Its also hooked up to a carbon filter that cuts the smell down significantly.
    Lady Helena

    Lady Helena Member

    WOW. Gorge buds. What a splendid set-up you have.

    augusto1 Well-Known Member

    Do you only exhaust or you have a intake fan also installed so you can exchange air ? Thanks for responding, you really know what you are doing with those beautiful ladies.

    Situation420 Active Member

    I have a passive intake system that draws the air from the inside of my house. That 400 CFM fan is so powerful it sucks in the side walls of my tent anyway, by putting a triple thick 80 count screen 4' by 1' hole in my tent near the top means fresh air comes in and my walls are not sucked in as much and constant inward pressure is maintained. This ends up keeping the smell under control with the activated carbon filter and cool air is carried through the top of my room and out and the co2 is below that anyway so it is not disturbed that significantly. I used to monitor it all the time and it would drop down to about 600 ppm by my sensor in the plants so I decided to just turn it off for the time the fans on.

    qaws83 Active Member

    How many watts are you using in that space, whats your grow medium and veg time, and how did you think of so many dope ideas for efficiency, this really helps a lot I'm making a 10 x 20 room and it would be awesome to replicate this
    edit: scratch the wattage ha i really need to make checking the post twice a habit

    AllEyeDoIsSmoke New Member

    Sick buds broo can't wait to see the finished product. Any new developments?

    Situation420 Active Member

    Here kite this is what i got, is this what you have, if you can go by the bulb not the box labels IMG_0515.jpg IMG_0516.jpg IMG_0517.jpg

    Situation420 Active Member

    Im an engineering major and have taken thermodynamics, material science, mechanics, of materials, physics, circuits, statics, dynamics, chemistry, engineering economics, operations research, and engineering enterprise classes. I have gotten a B- or better in all of these classes. So when i smoke weed i come up with awesome ideas. Also, I have taken a number of general ellective classes that contribute to my knowledge of engineering and science.

    MedicalGardens Active Member

    Nice work + rep

    Situation420 Active Member

    Here's a few updated pictures. Here's pics 2 days from the last.

    IMG_0518.jpg IMG_0528.jpg IMG_0535.jpg

    IMG_0525.jpg IMG_0526.jpg
    IMG_0523.jpg IMG_0532.jpg IMG_0534.jpg IMG_0536.jpg

    Changes: Switched Hortilux HPS bulbs for Metal Halide day after last posted pictures during start of flush at beginning of week 7 (Day 50 of 12/12 photoperiod to be exact) .
    Reason: Increase in UVB discharge significantly increasing THC content. (Never lab tested but smoked and felt like got higher). Could have been from placebo effect but I smoke about 10 joints a day when I have no responsibilities and noticed a significant difference in how high I got. I got the idea from Ed Rosenthal's growers handbook and have not had any issues with advice taken from that book. EVER I SWEAR.

    AllEyeDoIsSmoke New Member

    So sick. Hey man I have a 8x8 setup and have 25 plants in 5 gallon pots using 2 1000 watt lights and a old ass Montgomery Ward dehumidifier running non stop and air cooled glass lights that keep the temp at like 86/90 degrees and I only get like 2 n a half pounds tops using the AN. I also use CO2. My plants look nothing like yours and have colas half the size. Why do yours look so much more dope

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