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day 3 flowering!! lst or scrog still an option??

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by newbie4201, Feb 12, 2013.


    newbie4201 Member

    title says it all!!! i have limited space, and running 1000 watts!! so i need to keep the height down. whats the best method this far in?? i started flowering at 8", because i cant let them get to big. thoughts??:shock:

    sdf Active Member

    you may can try LST, i know the scrog is generally done a few weeks before flower so im not sure if that would work. I would try out the LST and see how it treats you

    Slipon Well-Known Member

    yes, both do more or less the same, and is not sumthing that will stress em much, specially this early, IMO just don't TOP/FIM or super crop em in early flowering, that is to put to much stress on em, and might result in the plant hermit/set male flowers ..

    are we talking 3 days in to flowering or 3 days on to 12/12 ?

    newbie4201 Member

    3 days into 12/12.sorry.i am a noob! lol. i will be watching a youtube video on lst today!

    bmeat New Member

    i would lst, i wouldnt do a scrog now. you really want the plant to form itself around the scrog during the stretch.

    to lst, bend her over from the neck, just under the first or second node from the top.

    2013-02-05_00-19-39_863.jpg View attachment 2522197
    Flaming Pie

    Flaming Pie Well-Known Member

    LST is definitely safe during flowering! Good luck on your grow!

    newbie4201 Member

    thanks guys. i watched a youtube vid. sawa method using clear packing tape. did it, and its been about 2 hours and i can already see changes.... TOO COOL

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