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Dawn Dish Soap For Bugs

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by dozer777, Jan 31, 2012.


    dozer777 Active Member

    I have a few aphids i believe. Sticky traps around my box a friend told me soap ,and some water sprayed under the leaves before lights out.I am 4 weeks since switching to 12/12 is this a good idea also was told spraying lightly once a week will help prevent spider mites. I also put some more air circulation in there.Wondering if this is okay and the ratio for soap to water thanks i

    dozer777 Active Member

    hey over 100 views no opinions dont want to screw things up this far in

    wsf Member

    dawn is fairly harmless to plants, it only takes a small bit, 10-20ml per liter. I wouldn't spray it at all this late in flower though unless I was very careful(or the buds are still fairly small, if they're chunky at all I would be careful). You could make a solution of dawn/water and go through just wiping the tops and bottoms of each leaf with a rag or something. Bugs like to live/lay eggs on the leaves not the sticky buds anways. I've never personally sprayed dawn soap in flowering, but I imagine it would leave a residue on the buds.

    If you have a hydroponics store nearby you should go buy a little bottle of Azamax or whatever similar product they have. Its like 20$ or something outrageous for the tiny bottle, but you only need like 10ml per liter. Its ingredient is organic and won't leave a residue all over the buds, so you can spray it even like a week before flower. Spray your plants every week or two with it and you shouldn't have any pest problems. Stop spraying a few weeks before harvest. You can also water them with it, idk how much of a difference this makes though.

    Make sure you don't soak the leaves while the light is directly on them, the water will heat up and burn the leaves. I spray my plants right as the light is turning off, and keep a fan blowing gently on them all night so theyre pretty dry by morning.

    dozer777 Active Member

    thanks going to try it

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