Dark green leaves , lots of brown dots on fan leaves HELP

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    Growitpondifarm Well-Known Member

    HI GUYS!

    I would love some help diagnosing what's wrong with my little Original Amnesia.
    She's growing with three other plants that are showing no signs of bad health. Growing in a 4x4 apollo tent with 5 gallon smart pots , foxfarm OCEAN forest with 30% perlite. Hanging two platinum LED P300, just yesterday I watered half a gallon , no nutes AND turned the thebloom switch on my lights as my plants are about 1 month old now.

    This morning I checked on her and noticed nothing . Got back from work to find my tent at 83 degrees with 80% humidity!! Not enough ventilation I suppose with the bloom switch.

    I'm thinking I have a calcium deficiency ?? Or that she is not pumped on the heat and humidity ?? I've only fed this plant once 5 days ago with 1 tsp of grow big mixed with half a gallon of PH water. I DID NOT PH the last water but my tap is usually fine , pretty neutral. Any thoughts at all?? I've attached a pic THANKS GUYS!

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    Richard Drysift

    Richard Drysift Well-Known Member

    Probly mag rust...give your plants low doses of cal/mag every other watering. That droop is either from over or under watering and could be related to your high temps & humidity which you should fix ASAP.

    SvenskiDWC Member

    What you describe sound like nitrogen toxicity (clawing leaves, dark green leaves), but before you go chasing deficiencies or toxicities I would stabilize your humidity/environment and see if it bounces back.

    Growitpondifarm Well-Known Member

    Hmm I think it's a calcium issue... I'm going to reduce humidity and temperature and give it some cal/mag.... guys think I should flush immediately ?
    a mongo frog

    a mongo frog Well-Known Member

    Probably not if just water has been your normal feed.

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