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Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by subcool, Jan 31, 2008.


    subcool Well-Known Member

    [FONT=&quot]I want to tell you the story of the strain Dannyboy and how it got it’s unusual strain name. Before I tell you about the strain let me tell you about the man. Growers by the nature of the game are a secluded lot. The Internet is a great way to still have some form of contact with other humans while not exposing your-self to the security risk of having people know where you live or even what you do. Running a grow is somewhat of a “ball and chain as you have chores to be done at least every 3 days and leaving a large indoor grow can always be a security risk so a grower can become secluded without this outlet.
    I met a guy in 1993 that worked in the nighttime and seemed to always be online in the early mornings a lot as he ran a catering company that supplied coffee and donuts to job sites. Yes Blunt ran roach Coaches and they made great chili dogs! Over the years we became great friends meeting for the first time at the Jungle Juice Café in Schiphol airport in Amsterdam. I found out his name was Danny and from that day on we became brothers. I talked he listened and we saw the sites together, always returning to the net and telling all our friends about the cool shit we saw.

    Danny always had my back and without getting to detailed he helped me get out of jail many times on his own dime. In 2001 I was working in Amsterdam for a seed distributor and Danny came to the cup for his second time in 2001 and on the second day passed away in his sleep at 38. Seems he had some health and job related stress issues he kept to himself. He was acting strange the night before he passed, winded, and I asked if he was ok, he replied he just needed to lie down and that’s the last time I spoke to him. Over 200 stoners from the Internet attended his funeral. His parents didn’t know a man could have so many friends. It seems everyone liked the guy.

    [FONT=&quot]Me and Danny in front of Dampkring
    Danny tokes inside
    Two very stoned people

    Eagle Bill packs a Bowl for Danny

    RIP Bill

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    subcool Well-Known Member

    The only true way I could think of to honor this man was to name my first strain after him. He was a big fan of fruity tasty strains and loved the Killer Queen harvested at day 55. Once I found the line I wanted to work with we selected a few males of Ortega X C99 and did some out crossing. The best female was named Taco by stoner friends who made a joke about Ortega being a food company. The male was selected from only 2 boys but heritage is everything in breeding and either would have been a great father. The final product is a hybrid Danny would have loved.

    Dannyboy the strain


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    subcool Well-Known Member

    Tasting like Cherry Jolly Rancher Candy and just covered in thick large trichomes this plant is equally good as a head stash or a Bubble plant. It is so frosty I am sure the ratio when making bubble is very high. The dry kief from it is fruity and smooth and just lovely sprinkled on any bud. This weed smells and taste so much like cherries I was surprised at its finished color. Was just destiny and I am sure Blunt was helping from above...

    [FONT=&quot]From seed the plant stays very short with wide sharp leaf edges and a dark green color. Only topped once the females were just a short fat bush and as they matured very little stretch was present. Resin showed as early as 21 days and buy 30 days they reeked like Cherry gum drops. Later as the plant reached maturity it took on a solid white frost with a sour cherry smell, the first hit blew me away it was So tasty I was shocked. Once the buds dried and cured for 30 days I would just sit and smell the buds I almost got a Brandy snifter to do so. From clone the only difference in the growth was a faster finish

    Dannyboy at our northern remote lab

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    subcool Well-Known Member

    At First she was just a favorite of Jill and I and then Sunycheba got a cut and then Badboy was given the duplication project and while at it grew out several females all cherry and fruity and potent. The strain finishes very fast which is nice if you run a bit short close to harvest our phenotype was at least 10 days faster than any other strain in the garden. Her down side is she needs extra vegetive time to compete and yield heavy in soil she starts off slow and doesn’t hit her stride in the vegetive room till she’s over 30” tall. This strain has been around so much it has gained quite a following and recently a good friend Irishfatboy smoked some with Wille Nelson. My favorite story from his travels with Dannyboy in his stash is a buddy that was riding with him and when they stopped to break they had some DB bubble hash his friend says “ The colors are getting to me I need to lie down. Irishfatboy sent me a great picture of his buddy passed out on a beach with a huge smile on his face.

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    subcool Well-Known Member

    Another grower Ganjaden grew out Danny in large tubs full of soil and his results were amazing with his first harvest from a single pack of seeds coming in at over 26 ounces from 6 females. The more people grew her out the more everyone liked her.
    I once did a thread on Overgrow detailing the 2001 Cannabis Cup and I mentioned Danny and his story and basically we sold out of the strain over night. We also have a Dannyboy BX or backcross that is a bit larger and more Killer Queen Dominant and that sold out as well. There are a few packs around but its not an easy strain to acquire in seed form anymore. The good news is a great cutting is pretty easy to find as more DB has been grown out than any TGA gear!

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    subcool Well-Known Member

    We have just released in limited numbers a Dannyboy X Spacequeen hybrid I named Danielle, which will be a limited offering and is available now at Cannaseur.com. We are making Dannyboy 2 but the Taco male was lost and the new cross will not be released until I am satisfied its better than the original. Dannyboy was also used in Sunychebas cross Black Cherry, the Black Russian father gave this hybrid a vivid magenta coloring in some phenotypes there aren’t many left in stock.

    Even though not many at Hightimes knew of him or about his death, Danny was truly an American Stoner working his ass off running a business and relaxing with a nice bowl after work. Unfortunately due to the drug war it was usually brick weed, he never complained but he sure smiled when I sent him a care pack. He was the coolest dude I ever met and loosing him was like loosing my brother. He is truly the founding member of TGA and I miss him everyday.
    I’d like to thank Danny Danko for allowing me to tell his story in Hightimes magazine.
    Respect and Honor


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    subcool Well-Known Member

    Danny outdoors

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    closet.cult New Member

    great story and great plant. thanks again, subcool.

    CrTekk Active Member

    Hi, I have 3 clones of Dannyboy and I have a question..It will be ready to end of october and what about rainy autumn and fungi resisten?
    Thanks fo answer

    potenza Well-Known Member

    i wish i'd live in amsterdam

    Geeh Member

    I'm about to get some of this soon...what should i look for to make sure its authentic?

    The guy i get it from is always on point..

    subcool Well-Known Member

    Dannyboy is sold out and has been for some time so be very wary.

    Hoare Active Member

    thread necro...
    I knew Danny.
    from #marijuana undernet IRC
    went by Blunt
    was there the night Subcool announced Danny had died.
    who remembers overgrow.com back in the 90s?

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