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Damn hermie . Seeded bud

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by mousebuddha, Jan 22, 2013.


    mousebuddha Active Member

    Just harvested four of my plants and found pollen on the bottom of 3. looked further and got seeds in some of the bud. Never happened to me before . Think most of the bud is ok but av had another eight plants flowering for 2 weeks in the room. Is my bud ok and will the eight be ok. Gutted.

    bamacheese Well-Known Member

    My guess is that some, if not all of the 8, will get taken with small amounts of pollen.

    What I would recommend is taking everything, even your lights, out of the room, and give it a THOROUGH washing with water. Wash even the lights, cords, fans, etc.

    Don't freak out, you aren't going to have buds full of seeds. Will you find a few seeds, maybe even 100 in your next batch? Probably. But it's no biggie man!!
    mr wrong

    mr wrong Member

    I had my 2x2x2 meter tent fully opend up, spread out over top of clothes line to wash after a pollen party one grow.
    Cleaned all gear ( if you got alluminium ducting make sure you hose them, the pollen sits in all the flexis and crevaces on the outside) have had two grows sinse without a singgle seed.

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