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dab's to harsh

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by kingleroyone, Aug 17, 2013.


    kingleroyone Active Member

    how can i make my oil less harsh made from trim

    budbro18 Well-Known Member

    Use better butane, dont whip it, get a vacuum chamber/pump.

    Or try a different strain for extraction?

    Some strains just have alot of expansion and others dont.

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Use a non polar extraction like butane to avoid harsh tasting chlorophyll and winterize it to remove the plant waxes, which induce coughing when they coat the lungs.

    vacpurge New Member

    yup like fadedawg said... after a weekend of smoking plan oil, my lungs hate me. I am buying everclear today and winterizing a very large batch... no more plant waxes for me.

    seriously, try it... youll actually be able to inhale after your hoot!!!
    adam soza

    adam soza Active Member

    Winterizing is definitely the way to go.

    WarMachine Active Member

    What about if I use ISO fd? Is there away to make that less harsh? I understand it's because it's a polar extract but can someone make it less harsh? Also, if you strip a decent amount if chlorophyll in your extract, does that affect how it melts? Or more so a flavor problem? I know you can leave it in the sun to help remove the chlorophyll but are there more things one can do? Carbon filters?

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Iso will make a fine extract, but requires more skill and technique to produce that fine extract than a non polar solvent. We use a frozen QWISO technique with Iso.

    Chlorophyll is harsh on the bronchial tubes and lungs. Leaving it in the sun breaks down the chlorophyll, but doesn't remove it.

    Carbon filters will remove the chlorophyll, but also keeps some of the usable oil. Chromatography beads in a column work better for that purpose.

    You can also do a hexane/brine wash, but it is easier to not pick up the chlorophyll in the first place.

    yung420 Active Member

    In new to making dabs and wanted to know what exactly does using a vacuum pump do for the dabs, and is it necessary to do it or can I just winterize???

    BluJayz Active Member

    The vacuum chamber; Is used to purge solvents, water and air from your extract. This is a more "fool proof" way to purge your extract.

    It is not necessary if you don't want to. Use 99% iso and make sure you heat the product when purging after the winterizing process and you should be 99-100% clear of anything leftover.

    mda232 Member


    vacpurge New Member

    he used 79 cans and got 2.5g of wax from the cheap no name butane??

    didnt even test colibri/london, the biggest name in the oil game... wtf?

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Wal fornicate!!! I thought I might get a leg up on the mystery oil, but the sample size was too small, so I get to do it over again today.........

    On the other hand, I did learn a few thangs I can share.

    I ran the only case of Lucienne we had on hand through a brand new cold trap that I assembled out of new Mk III components, which I first boiled in hot soapy water and wiped down with 190 proof ethanol. I did get some light oil, but not enough to filter and send out for analysis.

    I say filter, because the first thing that I saw was paint chips from the outside of the can in the oil. What a tasty thought for those who can tap their butane and don't subsequently clean the pot before running, or winterize or filter the oil.

    While the sample was larger than the .05 grams needed for GC, it was small and full of paint chips, so I decided to rerun the experiment with more butane and add a coffee filter section to my test sled.

    The oil didn't smell like an old tire factory, but like a light petroleum fraction (distillant), so the tire factory odor may come with a larger sample.

    It readily dissolved in 190 proof ethanol.

    Ethanol is a simple alkane alcohol, and simple alkane hydrocarbons do readily dissolve in it.

    Just to make sure my memory was correct, I dumped some hexane in the beaker of mystery oil and ethanol, to verify that it did mix, because all alcohols don't mix with simple alkanes like hexane. It did.

    I also cut apart all of the cans and felt inside for lubricity. There was none.

    I inspected all the welds for quality and the welds were all sound and unoxidized.

    I also cut apart the valve to better understand why lubricant would be required. It is is a simply made plug valve and needs no lubricant.

    PS: Don't cry ya'll! The spill in the picture of alcohol is actually water from taking the cold trap out of the hot pot, not $37/1.75L 190 proof.

    Today I will pick up a long case of Lucienne and try again. Mystery oil-1-6.jpg Mystery oil test rig-1-1.jpg Mystery oil-1-2.jpg Mystery oil-1-3.jpg Mystery oil-1-4.jpg Mystery oil-1-7.jpg Mystery oil-1-8.jpg Mystery oil-1-9.jpg
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    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    extremely glad that fade is gonna put it to the test and hopefully to rest!

    also i noticed that loading my domeless nail with oil then just heating the nail up really smooths out unwinterized oil. i dont get that " i cant breathe after a killer rip! matter of fact it is really great for my asthma, vaporizing that is,even with minimal incinerating...better than my inhaler and sometimes quicker.

    vacpurge New Member

    goddamn youre a champ fadedawg!!!! that post should be copied and pasted all over the internet, which im sure it will be! very impressive.

    I speak for the whole internet when I say thank you for your knowledge and all that you do.

    kingleroyone Active Member

    i feel a little schooled right now and i'm loveing it.

    mda232 Member

    check out Graywolf's experiment on ICMag, looks harmless so far but there are some aromatic compounds he is still a little worried about.

    edit: fade = graywolf? or fade copy/pasted graywolf's material (seems unlikely)
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    vacpurge New Member

    :bigjoint::clap: nice observation, I dont think too many have figured that out on their own ;)

    the guy is a king on all the forums hes on!!! im sure hes forgotten more than most of us even know.

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