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Cutting off the lower level leaves okay to do?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by HisGirl420, Mar 20, 2011.


    HisGirl420 Active Member

    I have a Skunk 1 and it's first set of leaves are yellow and have been but aren't getting and worse, its it okay to cut them off so they'll stop taking nutes from the rest of the plant? I've heard of poeple cutting off the yellow lower leaves like that but I just don't know. The plant is is only a few inches tall but has lots of leaves, it had broken in half about 2 weeks after we planted it so we planted the small part of the stem that was left and it's slowly but surely growing but it looks like a plant at it's age should look only miniature, lots of leave but only a couple inches tall, I know it needs time to repair itself. So if I cut off the yellow leaves will it help send the nutes to the leaves going good instead of the dying 4 leaves that the plant starts with? This plant was planted February 11. Pics are from a couple days ago, but more leaves have sprouted since then. But it's just so baby lol. But will cutting those yellow leaves that normally fall off anyway help the plant recover faster? And if so, how close to the stem do I cut them?

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    Serapis Well-Known Member

    Don't concern yourself with the cotyledon leaves. They aren't going to harm anything. They eventually fall off by them self. They are not taking nutes from the plant, they are giving them up, which is why they turn yellow. It's a food source. It is also a good indicator you should begin a feeding program soon.

    HisGirl420 Active Member

    Well we are using FF Grow Big and FF Big Bloom and Superthrive after 3 watering and so far the plant has showed much improvement since we first replanted it. It has lots of leaves, just short. And it's still improving. It's grown even since the pics above cause those were taken a couple days ago. All of this was recommended by the guy at the hydponics store who definitely knew why a couple early 20 year old tattood people come into a hydro store. But yeah I thought it was just the fan leaves that were supposed to fall off which those haven't even. Sorry if anything I say doesn't make sense, I'm faded right now.
    Sunshine Closet

    Sunshine Closet Well-Known Member

    That thing is tiny. If the soil is decent then you shouldn't be giving them anything.

    HisGirl420 Active Member

    That tiny thing is over a month old lol. But the guy at the hydro store told us that it's size isn't what you go off or for the nutes, that it's the maturity/ age of the plant.

    luciferateme Active Member

    i dont know about that guy in particular but a lot of guys in the grow shops dont know there ass from there elbow and have never even grown weed. now there are exceptions to the rule but a lot of owners may aswell be selling tvs because they know fuck all about plants, pardon my french!
    your gonna kill it with all those nutes, take the advise from the guys on here, these are the people that do grow, for a passion and not for business!. stop giving nutes, the soil is so loaded with nutes now that the ph is probably way out of whack and thats stopping the plant from growing.
    personally if you want it to survive then just leave it and tell the bloke in the growshop that it does depend on the size and growth rate of a plant not just age. when you first start growing you want to play with the plant, give it lots of food and water! but this is where the mistakes are made. that plant wont need anything but water for the next 2 weeks i guarantee it, thats if it survives. i would say flush it but dont know if it would handle the stress. at least youve got the other nice plant anyway.

    HisGirl420 Active Member

    Well the guy at the hydro store did hint to us that he is growing weed. And he actually said he builds his nutes up so the plant can handle it but I'm not gonna do that. But we're not even giving it full nutes yet and ever since we did give it to her she's been doing so much better. I'm not disagreeing or anything, it's just confusing cause I get so many different answers. But yeah, the guy at the store is growing pot and he knows that's what we're using it for also.

    puffntuff Well-Known Member

    that guy is a jackass. i usually dont start giving my chicks nutes til 3 or 4th node. i use ffof mixed with happyfrog. i grew a mom in that combo that was 3ft tall with like 20 nodes and she never got any nutes till after i started taking cuttings. less is more when you have a newborn.

    luciferateme Active Member

    there you go, take advise from the guys on here, weve seen your plant and it defo does not need any nutes. in future i would only get advise from people on here. its anonymous and you get good honest advise. we love our weed on here. just look at the pic above. we even tatto our tits!. hows that for commited!lol!

    sso Well-Known Member

    yeah , month old, thats a stunted plant, even under 11w cfls it would be considered a stunted plant.
    if the other plant is fine (and doing the same to her and same soil) then its most likely a runt too (mostly)
    might take it a long time to get bigger.if it does

    you are bit misunderstanding the function of the leaves.

    when they get discoloured, its because the plant itself is removing the nutes it needs, from the leaf, to give to the top growth.
    if the topgrowth grows in discoloured, its because the top growth couldnt access any nutes.

    by cutting off those leaves on such a small plant, you would be taking away from the plant, not making sure it had more.

    when mj grows leaves, it grows them as big as it can, according to its size at that moment.

    then it forgets that leaf because its target is to get tall, that leaf is always going to get less sun than the top leaves, but more importantly, since mj procreates by wind, the top buds are likeliest to get pollinated and need the biggest support (which are the leaves)

    it uses that leaf to generate power and as a storage, but since its so low on the plant, its more backup than anything.

    even though pruning lower growth can be beneficial in flowering, it still is likelier to generate problems for you, because many times when problem hits, the lower leafs get it first, but if you have removed all the "junk" down there, its the main producers (top leafs) that get hit, nutes get pulled from there, to the top or buds, leaving the buds less able to get power (which the leaves give)

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't do shit to a plant that small. I prune and train ALOT but not until they have 4-5 nodes. Like others have said, your plant has some issues if they are a month old and look like that. I suspect that it is likely an uptake of nutrient problem, not an availability issue. Skip the nutes for a couple weeks and water less. Your likely overwatering which is stunting root growth. In that pot I would water once every 10 days or so. Over watering causes WAY more problems than underwatering. The pot should feel almost weightless before you water.

    You can take people's advice here or blindly follow your hydro guys advice. I would hazard a guess however that folks in here have a better handle on growing buds (at least about 30% do anyways)

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    This information is not accurate. Position in the plant has little to do with what role the leaves play. Leaves are not "forgotten" by a plant but their individual roles are lessened as the plant grows larger but only due to the overall number of leaves. I.E. One leaf in 10 matters more than one in 100 does. There are no back up leaves. The plant functions as a whole and maintains a balance between carbohydrate production through photosynthesis and tissue development through the utilization of these carbs; primarily through respiration driven processes but we are getting ahead of things.

    The location of first observed problems in a plant (top or bottom) has to do with nutrient mobility, little else. That is why the location of a plant problem is the first hint in determining what the issue is.

    Google plant nutrient mobility

    HisGirl420 Active Member

    Thanks, it's actually starting to look really good. Can definitely tell it's growing. Even with how small it is it looks like it's about to get it's first set of 5 fingered leaves.

    Puffntuff, I have tattoos like that but they're nautical stars lol. Got me my nickname star tits haha.

    HisGirl420 Active Member

    Ok I did want to mention again that the plants stem broke completely, like in 2 pieces so I know it's small, it's recovering. It is looking better though. And it hardly gets watered, not unless the soil is dry to my second knuckle.

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    If you send me a picture of your star breasts I will gladly walk you through the grow :)

    HisGirl420 Active Member

    Haha sorry I have a boyfriend, and for all you know I could be fat and ugly lol. But I really think transplanting it to a smaller cup helped. And I transplanted my reggie into a bigger container and it's doing great! I was a little scared of doing it cause I'd never done it before but it was a success :)

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