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cutting for sale

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by zilluz, Apr 28, 2008.


    zilluz Well-Known Member

    where can i buy cuttings in the uk or off the net that deliver to the uk:confused:

    thnx in advance if anyone can help me out:mrgreen:

    Purplecheeser Well-Known Member

    your in the UK?

    northernlights Well-Known Member

    im in the uk 2 :)

    zilluz Well-Known Member

    yes im in the uk

    i need to find out where i can buy sum cuttings from

    i really want the cheese

    tittikaka27 Active Member


    zilluz Well-Known Member

    ok kool have they got any of subcools seeds

    edit: NO THEY HAVENT

    muyoso Well-Known Member

    I doubt that a dealer is going to offer up a product that will affect how much money he makes. It would have to be a pretty cool dealer to offer you a clone so you can not pay him for his product anymore. Either way, I would say start with seeds, trying to obtain a clone is hell if you dont know some people who grow. And if you do know people who grow, stay away from them, because they broke the cardinal rule of "TELL NO ONE".
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    Purplecheeser Well-Known Member

    yea dude, your best bet is ordering some quality seeds and choosing the best mother out of that set. Then you can take clones off of her

    Celestial Well-Known Member

    Agreed. In UK, law only allows selling of seeds as 'souvenirs' so it is doubtful you'll find any shop willing to sell clones as it would be too risky for them.

    Smoke from cheese and blue cheese is great but be warned! The plants really stink during grow so make sure you have odour control ready before starting.

    If you look around, some places sell seeds singly. Usually the prices are quite expensive (£8-10/seed) for one feminised seed but if you feel confident in your growing, it could work out cheaper.

    zilluz Well-Known Member

    thnx guys being a noob is bloody hard i really want some local grower buddies but i hear what your saying

    i brought some shitty seeds from kc brains because they were cheap but now im regretting it and dont know which seeds banks to trust they all sound good in the description as it is their job to sell a product no matter if it really is crap all i want is some good not too expensie seeds am i asking for so much really

    Celestial Well-Known Member

    I'm new to growing too and made a costly error at the start by buying some expensive seeds and then killing all the resulting plants by not knowing how to grow them properly.

    For my second attempt I decided to buy some 'indoor mix' seeds from Sensi, Mandala (safari mix - these were really cheap ~£8/10 seeds) and Homegrown Fantaseeds. I kind of reasoned that as they'd be all different strains, if I made some mistakes, some would be more forgiving than others and I hopefully wouldn't kill them all at once if something did goa bit wrong and the mixes tend to be a bit cheaper. It kind of sucks not knowing exactly what they are but as they flower, at least you can go to website and look at pics to try to identify or could post here asking for help identifying and at least you'd have a starting point by knowing seedbank. For the record, all three brands had high germ. rates and have mostly grown well. I also bought some KC Brains northern lights (like you, because they were cheap) and was really disappointed with low germ rates, but in another thread on that topic, someone commented that these seeds have extremely hard outers and really benefit from a thorough soak first.

    You could also read info in the seed and strain review section and if you have a particular strain/seedbank in mind, you can then search for grower reports on internet (weedbay.net has a good section for this but there are lots of others too).

    As far as making local grower buddies goes, it might be safer to keep your grow to yourself and seek advice here instead.
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    cheetah2007 Well-Known Member

    damn,.....im not in the uk.... lol lol

    zilluz Well-Known Member


    +rep my man

    thnx 4 the advice i think i will try 1 of the mixes

    Celestial Well-Known Member

    Thanks and I will politely correct you from my man to my lady as a gentle reminder to anyone reading that there are a few girl growers on here too! All the best with the grow and if all goes well I'm sure it will be well worth the effort.
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    zilluz Well-Known Member

    oh so sorry my fellow roll it up-a

    cagiva1983 Active Member

    im looking for some small cuttings to. if you hear of anybody in the uk let me know?

    zilluz Well-Known Member

    there aint any mate its illegal to grow cannabis jus have fun and pretend like i do

    FrostickZero Well-Known Member

    ha ha ha... I found clones that people were selling then seeds, finding seeds to buy that's not off the net is next to impossible

    surfbum997 Active Member

    Clones says they sell clones. I have never used them and cant say how good/reliable they are but they are the only place advertising... I get my clones from the california medical clubs but your best bet is starting your own mother from seed.

    zilluz Well-Known Member

    that site looks a bit shady

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