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Cutting fan leaves a week before harvest

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Type 1 Diabetic, Feb 27, 2010.

    Type 1 Diabetic

    Type 1 Diabetic Well-Known Member

    So i decided to cut all the fan leaves off and trim the buds as they where still atached to the stem and trunk. I am going to be harvesting in a few days and wanted the lights to get to the buds more. Was this dumb of me to do or am ok in my thinking?Im then going to leave them in total darnkess for 1 day before cutting them down?

    tigerblowztreez Active Member

    i havent gotten to harvest yet, but from what i hear you shouldn't trim them; unless they are blocking light from buds if they cant be bent out of the way. from what i gathered is fan leaves are like the solar panels making energy for you budz? correct me if i'm wrong!
    Type 1 Diabetic

    Type 1 Diabetic Well-Known Member

    ur correct but i will b cutting them down completely in 3 days so im not worried about that type of energy they produce for the buds...I believe thats for bigger buds but by now my buds have reached full size because of how late they are in flowering...i believe they say that so people dont cut them in the middle of flowering...correct me if im wrong "seriously not tryn to be a dick"
    Type 1 Diabetic

    Type 1 Diabetic Well-Known Member

    the whole reason y im doing what im doing is for more potency...

    AquafinaOrbit Well-Known Member

    Really doubt this will increase potency any. I'm guessing your going off the same basis that shock causes increased resin production as a natural reaction? If that's so I would rather do the cold water treatment and leave the leafs as they are not only like solar panels, but solar panels that second as batterys. Which you can clearly see during flowering as the plant starts to yellow and kill itself. There is a chance that by cutting the fan leaves the buds took their last bits of energy from the bud leafs which could mean for a smoother smoke, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.

    tfishing Well-Known Member

    Um your reasoning for doing it is wrong but it can still have a beneficial effect. Getting rid of a lot of the fan leaves a week before harvest helps with the flush. Trimming all the leaves is stupid though. Just cut off all the largest fan leaves which should be yellowing quite a bit at this point anyways. This will only promote taste and help expedite the curing process.

    gwaziman001 Well-Known Member

    hi all i have been told by leaveing your plants in the dark for a day or two make the resin glans swell?? if this is true will help 100% good luck.

    WickedPagan Active Member

    The light does not effect the buds indirectly. The light is absorbed by the leaves not the buds.

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