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Cutting dead leaves off? ok or not ok

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Mogiebear, Aug 9, 2010.


    Mogiebear Member

    ok so some leaves are turning yellow as but too far gone b4 i corrected the problem? can i just cut the leaf off ? or let em fall of naturaly .....of course its better naturaly but im just curious will it cause the plant too much harm? oh aslo there about 2 n a half weeks old ...cheers :) IMG_0247.jpg

    dpmymrs Active Member

    being so small id just let it be...if its the cotyledons (very first set of leaves) u talkin bout, they naturally will just die and fall off anyway

    dyzel Active Member

    Any leaf that is still fresh (not dry) and is green, even if partially so, will take part in photosynthesis.
    I would advise leaving them unless they are dead, in which case they would fall off naturally.

    lovemug Well-Known Member

    give them a light tug and if they dont come off try again in a few days. i lose a bit of bottom leaves once my conapy expands due to the light just not reaching them. if they dont come off with a light tug the plant is still moving nutrients out of them to other parts.

    Mogiebear Member

    thnks boys leaves are staying unless they come off with the slightest tug

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