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cutting buds?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by twosaws, Sep 27, 2008.


    twosaws Well-Known Member

    hi ok i am wanting to cut just my top buds and leave my bottom buds to grow longer to get bigger. my question is how far down do i cut do i cut the stem down to the next bud site i wont to keep or do i leave the stem above the next bud site thanks for the reply
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    IGrowChronic Well-Known Member

    I wouldnt do it.... just wait...it will be worth it...If you must i would find a small cola( i think thats what its called) and just cut the whole thing off.
    Im no expert but cutting off part of a bud may stunt the plant.

    racer3456 Well-Known Member

    yeah, i really wouldn't cut it off either. the only time i've done it is when i've grown outside and the top buds are definitely done but the lower ones aren't. Otherwise, I would leave them. it'll be worth it...i promise. :smile:

    twosaws Well-Known Member

    thanks thats whats happening to the tops are done and i wont the bottom buds to get more light to get bigger so i need to know exactly where to cut the top buds at.

    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    i would wait if the bottom buds are not ready.
    if the bottom isnt ready then the top wont be?.

    how big is your plant
    how long did you vegg?
    and flower for?.
    also what strain?.

    if you pick to early the buds wont be good.

    plus you cannot harvest till you flush for 2 weeks min.

    have you flushed?.i would wait a few weeks.
    but they are your plants.

    also have you got any pics?.

    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    tie the tops to sticks so light can get to the lower buds.
    just wait, the buds at the top wont go off, just stronger.
    if a plant is supp to take 8 weeks.
    you could easy goto week 11/12 with no bother.
    just makes the plant better.
    dont belive everything you read on the packet, it always takes longer than it says.

    IGrowChronic Well-Known Member

    I dunno if the flushing thing ur talking about with hydro or soil....but ive heard that you dont need to flush for 2 weeks only 1 or not at all.
    (im probly wrong but thats just what i heard)

    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    dont talk stupid, of course you have to flush.
    when you feed, food builds up in the plant,buds and soil.
    this is not good to smoke.
    you need to flush for 2 weeks.
    you wouldnt stick a cig in nutes then smoke them .
    would you?.:wall:.

    dont need to flush:o:wall:.

    benson Active Member

    if u keep ur nuts simple and dont add a pile of additives,u dont need 2 flush.u have 2 flush!thats plane rubbish.dont lisen 2 these jaskass's
    dont cut the top cola,its the biggest yielder.

    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    dont flush then,
    cut it early
    why not dry it in the microwave?.

    im only trying to help you.

    btw do you feed?
    and what?
    have you stopped feeding yet?

    twosaws Well-Known Member

    ok relax. i vegged for about 5 weeks its been flowering for about 60 days i uesed fox farm nutes, i've been flushing for 7 days now my trichs are mostly clear with some turning cloudy i grow dwc with a 600w hps closet no room to tie plant down strain is blueberry. now when the trichs are 50/50 i what to harvest i dont what a couch buzz but i want my lower buds to get bigger so where do i cut the top buds off at thanks

    Slab Well-Known Member

    I have left what was under 40% red hair ratio, within that 50/50 cloudy/amber parameter.

    Makes hanging them a bit more work but worth it imho for the personal use grower. you get a lil more gain and every gram is ripe to your preference.

    I grow Sour Diesel and one of her favorable traits is the up and won't shut ups, when I let her grow longer I can't keep my eyelids open.
    I have done it many times, like to have some clear trichs in also I should add for the above mentioned reason

    Using the lucas formula and/or using your nutes propperly eliminates the need for a flush.

    You'll see them lil bitches will put on a few grains

    twosaws Well-Known Member

    thanks slab thats what i thought but every body tells me not to do it for some reason just wont my little bud to get bigger when my top buds are done

    crazy-mental Well-Known Member


    have you got any pics of your plant?.

    twosaws Well-Known Member

    no don't really know how to do the pics. i have a digital camera but don't know how to down load

    r3tro99 Active Member

    Flushing or not is an ongoing debate; i believe those that say it is not necessary, the only reason it makes everyones buds so much better is because the dosage of Nutrients the package tell you is always more than you need (they want u to use it up fast and buy more) so flushing at the end helps use up all those EXTRA nutrients the plant has built up over the weeks. So theoretically if you dont feed it much flushing isnt required. Ive grown and harvested while flushing and without flushing; couldn't tell the difference.

    Also- cutting the top cola is fine, it wont stunt the plant that much (maybe 2-5 days) and then you'll have a big nug of a more "head" high and several smaller nugs (lower plant) of a more couchlock stone. Next time grow SCROG, but if you feel you want to cut the main cola go ahead :).
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    twosaws Well-Known Member

    help please! i flushed for 8 days and cut the top buds that where ready the lower buds where not ready so should i go back to feeding or just go on using plain water tell the lower buds are ready thanks for reply

    twosaws Well-Known Member

    can any body help

    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    yes you are right about flushing.
    but most new growers use too much food and too much food builds up in the plants and buds and tastes like shit and its not good for you.
    so thats why either way,"too much food or not" its always a safe bet to flush.

    HiGHLiFE28 Well-Known Member

    it deffy stunts growth during flower i believe

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