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cutting and grooming?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by CHEETO, Jan 2, 2007.


    CHEETO Well-Known Member

    where can i cut the leaf off to have a safe distance from the root, and what enviorment do i leave it to hang and dry?

    -=4:20=-Guy Well-Known Member

    35" and in the frezzer.


    I have no idea what your talking about please rephrase the question.

    CHEETO Well-Known Member

    sorry ok well i obviously just started and i know how frustrating newbies are so please throw me a bone, im getting ready to plant my seeds and also just read the thread that WIDOW MAKER just made so that helped a ton. Theres just minor details that i missed like how much time they need to be under the light when they are just sprouting and if 100 watts of heat and uv is enough?

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i too am a newbie. it seems you have some secret code language going on here but i think i got it. if starting from seed you need a minimum of 2 months growth. clones need only established roots before flowering. i've started them at 3" and ended with 20" plants. as far as lighting any type of growth other than cloning requires a minimum of 600watts (imho), otherwise yield is compromised.

    CHEETO Well-Known Member

    OH GREAT thanks alot, i just got stuck at that point reading through everyones information.

    -=4:20=-Guy Well-Known Member

    :? Lighting requirements are variable to grow room size and funds. If useing HID (Metal Halide / High Presure Sidium) then 400W=3'X3' 600W=5'X5' 1000W=8'X8' these figures are also variable but those room sizes are about average. Any smaller of a space then CFLs (Compact Floresent Lights) can be used @ about 40+ watts per in Growth, and 150W - 200W per plant in bloom.

    norton Active Member

    420 taht wsa smoe fnuny siht dedu!I laughed my ass off over that one!

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