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Curled down leaves on new sprouts ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by GhettoGrowa, Aug 2, 2013.


    GhettoGrowa New Member

    Could I be over watering? I have put a small amount of city tap water I'm each of my 3 plants. I'm on a 24/0 schedule with 4 23watt cfls and one 12watt mini Cfl about 4-6in away from the plants. I've watered very lightly, tried to keep the soil barely moist for the most part. I've watered 4-5 times about a cup of water per plant TOTAL since Planted 48 hours ago. Ill try to get a picture up but iPhone is bein stubborn. Should I switch to an 18/6?

    Sppoc Active Member

    Sounds like youre overwatering. I would just keep it at 24/0 for a week and lay off watering. Not trying to be mean but you definitely shouldn't be watering 4-5 times a day. Maybe once every three days or so. Water as they need it, I know that's hard to figure out but marijuana plants don't need daily waterings, they actually prefer waiting a little. Just do some searches on watering. But to me it sounds like you're trying really hard to keep the entire pot of soil moist or at least the entire top layer, just water lightly with some bottled water right around the stem. Less is more...usually.

    Sppoc Active Member

    And idt you can post pics via iPhone.. I could be wrong but I just email them to myself and upload on computer.

    GhettoGrowa New Member

    Thanks for the reply I mean 4-5 throughout 2 days so once a 1/5 of a cup of water per plant right when I planted the seed another 1/5 before bed that night one this morning got home from work put another 1/5 on room temp water before I took a close look and realized the droop. I'm using ffof/perlite 80/20ish one is in a solo cup one 2 are in slightly larger pots . Yeah I don't think I can post pictures either. Don't worry it's not mean if its advise right?

    spartacus420 Member

    Its not that your watering to much its that your watering to often..

    Go a few days without watering and let then recover...

    You will need to transplant soon

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