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Curing OG Kush

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by sereken, Oct 17, 2010.


    sereken Member

    i grew babies from seeds that were said to be og kush. the whole time they looked and smelled like it too but it has been 10 days in a jar and the buds don't smell like kush at all, smell like hey. my first time with kush and gives me worries.

    906breeder Active Member

    did you flush for two weeks, trim and dry your buds correctly and then put them into cure? I have some master kush that doesnt really stink stink until at least 1 month in jars. 10 days is just the begining part of the cure. But also, maybe your seeds were something else, I know the OG KUSH seeds have only recently become available as it was a clone only strain forever...maybe wait a little longer like another 20 days at least...but I ain't never smelled hay except for some crap bagseed I grew one time.

    sereken Member

    yeah, i flushed for even 3 weeks and trimed, dried them well. the buds are pretty dry by now but the smell isn't there and nor is the taste. still hope it will come but like you said it could be shitty seeds since they were given me ........free )

    BlasphemyFloyd Active Member

    How many weeks did you dry your bud? In my experience the only time the "hay" smell comes along is when you put improperly dried bud into a jar. Without knowing how long you had it drying (in a dark place hopefully and without any quick drying "shortcuts") I cant help much. I can tell you this much though, Its better to over dry your bud a little bit before jarring than placing wet bud in a jar.

    Flushing for 3 weeks isn't necessary. You flush towards the last two weeks because those two weeks is when the plant isn't really growing more bud, but instead ripening its flowers/fruit.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    i just got done growing out some of dr greenthumbs og kush and although it didn't smell like hay, the first 18 days of the cure, the buds definitely had a very green smell to them.. after the third week, that lovely kush smell that we all know and love came out oh so lovely..

    sereken Member

    i had them hungdry for a week, untill it cracked rather than bended, without any shortcuts in a dark with good air circulation (just a breeze). then i jared them and burped daily. buds look nice, big n hard but the smell and taste are fail. i dont think i fastdried it but after first day in a jar it felt a little moist and i had to put it in a paper bag for a day. after that it feels like a good bud. i guess nothin can be done at this point but wait and see if it improves or is there?

    honda5150 Active Member

    you are fine, the smell will come back TRUST ME...Be patient my friend.


    sereken Member

    thanks. keep the hope alive !!!

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