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cultivation charges in the uk?

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by bloochedder, May 1, 2010.


    bloochedder Well-Known Member

    Anyone heard anthing about charges and the number of plants in the uk
    Killer Vanilla

    Killer Vanilla Well-Known Member

    i saw a cops show on not long ago and they bust someones house with 20 plants and said that it was classed as personal.... thats as much as i no about the uk laws really
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    it's all illegal. it just depends how you come of the the police and the way your grow is setup. if they think that you are supplying then that's you in a bit of hot and bother.

    as far as i'm aware though, as said, you can argue a good number of plants being personal, i know there was one fellow, who was caught with about 400 plants (from seedlings upto plants) repeatedly caught, but got no more than a massive ass warning and fine etc, he managed to argue it under persoal and research, he was basically breeding. then there was that harry potter (crabe or goyle) actor who was found in his car with a knife and bagged up weed, and 14 plants at his mums house, he got nowt but some community service and i assume a small fine.

    bloochedder Well-Known Member

    cheers guys

    perkie Active Member

    i watched something on tv and a gezzer got busted for six plants. he got away with only a fine as its classed as persy below 6. so n e thing over that i would guess is jail term
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    as i stated, actor dude got caught with 14, nothing serious as a result. it seems that the laws are scary but rarely get used o their extent. my dealer got caught with an sbsurd amount of cannabis and cocaine, he adited dealing cannabis to fund a large cocaine habbit. he got a small fine and 140 hours CS or there abouts. crazy

    perkie Active Member

    what in the uk? that is crazy lol the progame i watch was a few months bk and they showed how they checked and stuff and he got cought coz there was some mold or sumthing round the windows. of course they probley had a tip off aswell coz i cnt see that being enough alone to raid some 1.
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    was that britains secret farms (the 2010 one)? with the black dj as the talky man? i think that was the one where there was a guy caught over and over with the 300 plants or whatever it was, but got off in the end due to them apreciating that he was breeding out of interest, not gains.

    my dealer and the harry potter film actor were both in the UK, here we go

    illegal weapon as well etc. he got 120 hours community service after pleading guilty to possession and cultivation etc

    perkie Active Member

    it might of been i only watched bits of it.

    but 300 for just as an experiment of interest?!! thats is pretty fucked up. thats jail in other country's.

    well i guess your safe then with a slap on the wrist!
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    they were trying to put him in jail, he somehow argued out of it, but yeah, the majority were clones, trials, selecting pheno's etc etc.

    with regard to the kid i quoted about, the maximum term they could have given him for his crime was 14 years in jail, but heck, we've got murderers in open jails, pedo's getting early release, i'd hedge a bet to say there's a memo that's been passed around saying jail time is a last resort for petty offences, they simply can't cope with taking the american root and locking everyyyone up.

    perkie Active Member

    i thought he was getting community service? growing abit of weed for yourself isnt fucked up! the fucked up thing is they are letting pedo's out early coz our prison's are getting full and there getting so called help. with them sort of peeps they should get straight up death p. thats my veiw on them. with the other shitty lil things people do they should just throw them in the army and i bet they would cum out better people in the end. the jail thing aint working
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    yeah, i don't understand why more pikeys aren't being sent to Afghanistan instead of close friends and family.

    and yeah, he got a little bit of community service, and i assume court fines, and nothing more, when they could have pushed for anything upto 14 years, as you say, prison system is wrong here, and we don't have the room to lock up average joe. the brilliant thing about cases like this is it give precedent should you ever get taken in for growing. if they turn around and say we would like to put you in ail for 6 months, you can turn around and say uhhhuh, and why am i such a bad person and actor above isn't? so i'm a little vague on the law, but if you were to get busted with anything less than what he got busted for, there's not going to be shit done to you for the first offence :)

    newbud123 Active Member


    no victim no crime.
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    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    amazing video! :)

    genuity ambition

    its all about the thc...thats crazy,and if your skitzo,it not from mj...

    bloochedder Well-Known Member

    good video man

    growwwww Well-Known Member

    haha brilliant video, legendary guy! im watching britains secret farms now...

    maturesmoker Active Member

    You have to admire Neil's determination to fight this unjust law! You can visit his site HERE or find him on facebook to keep up to date with his progress. (Neil Morgan).

    To reply to the original question its a fact that first offence is a formal police caution where a grow is found to be 'personal'. Anything more than 8 mature plants is regarded as a 'farm' by police so bear that in mind. You will still be arrested, even for just 2 plants and your home may be searched. Any grow equipment and plants etc will be confiscated of course. They look for any evidence of 'supply' (and remember that even passing a joint to a friend is supply!) so scales, bags, cash etc is what they are after. I've only been through it once myself 2 years ago (I'm the same age as Neil) and its not a very pleasant experience. I was caught with 32 plants and 1000watts of lighting of which 18 were young cuttings or small vegging plants, 14 were in late flowering, none were more than 18" tall. Police accepted it as 'personal' and after 7 hours locked in a cell awaiting questioning I was bailed and later cautioned...end of! It was class C then though. That just gives you something to work with but it can depend on individual police forces. Needless to say I have now 'downgraded' just in case :-)

    If anybody wants to keep up to date with court cases from around the UK then this is the place to watch- Legalise Cannabis Alliance -Court reports- You may even want to join up for £24 per year as they offer legal support and advice to members in event of arrest.

    Enjoy your growing and remember that we are fighting an unjust law with all of the evidence now turning slowly in our favour. Its the Govt that makes the law, the police are basically just doing as instructed. Arm yourself with knowledge and be prepared to defend your rights in court as Neil has continued to do :-)
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    bloochedder Well-Known Member

    You hit the nail on the head . Thanks for the reply and Lots of usful info there ++Rep

    tamjam69 Well-Known Member

    thanks MS awesome post there :-P

    will rep ya if i can

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