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crystal chunk

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by ripjack, Jun 27, 2010.


    ripjack Member

    I've got alot of stains going right now coolest of all and rarest is CRYSTAL CHUNK this is a beauty and a stroke of luck considering how much stress she went through driving over 200 miles chilln in a green house for three days with snow outside on the ground LOL , finally got shit situated and some lights and she is unreal big bout 5ft, 5ft-5in, and in third week of flower development is great and trich production is awesome only got some PM and she got from her former home "degenrents" but i think her back ground is from "white widow_ chocolate chunk" i'm only guessing but she is pretty badass pics comin soon, PLEASE if anyone has come across this beauty let me know any info you got on her pics etc.? thank you peps,peace...

    GoldenGanja13 Well-Known Member

    Sounds nice, going to post the grow?

    ripjack Member

    yes i will post hope fully tonight... ? did you encounter gnats with roots organics if so how did you control them im pretty pissed?

    ripjack Member

    here she is mid week of 3rd week flower shes in the back right of room shot

    ripjack Member

    and now im finding crystal strains are nl#5-white widow genes so that is the base i think for her

    rockyroadrx Member

    Here is a look at some Crystal Chunk frowers one of my best strains. Crystal Chunk.jpg
    Jakabok Botch

    Jakabok Botch Well-Known Member

    if u want to stat organic put an inch or 2 of sand on top ur soil...itl stop ur gnats...otherwise ppl around here like to use DE
    Jakabok Botch

    Jakabok Botch Well-Known Member

    nice lookin girls...u should try takein a pic with the grow light off...but keep up the good work

    Joedank Well-Known Member

    Yo brothA ! I believe and this is just from my own life down in southern Illinois the Carbondale crystal chunk was born I don't know the lineage only the pounds I got were an amazing pheno with heavy resin and a sweet skunky smell if I remember right? Now bear in mind this was the late90s when people just called stuff whatever to sell it . But the chunk was sacred ... I don't think it is from Tom hill seeds who does a deep chunk cuz that is ibl and super piney

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