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Crock Pot Cannabutter for Dummies

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by ero, Jan 22, 2011.


    ClaytonBigsby Well-Known Member

    What are you saying?
    Flo Grow

    Flo Grow Well-Known Member

    Not so obvious ? lol

    Dave looks high a hell, despite acting blind and white. lmao
    Funny ass episode too.

    1/2 pound buds and popcorn (slightly wet weight) and 2 pounds of butter !

    View attachment 1996806

    ClaytonBigsby Well-Known Member

    I made my first cannabutter because of this thread. I took the used trim/buds and put them in a tea ball in a small pot with some water and milk on low for about 20 minutes. My wife said she was TOO high, I was ripped too. Good times. Enjoy that concoction!!

    And yes, I knew what you were talking about. Some people on here don't know who Clayton Bigsby is, so I like messing with them, implying they are racists by making fun of my "pic". Woogey Boogey!
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    Flo Grow

    Flo Grow Well-Known Member

    LMFAO...Woogety Boogety !
    +REP to ya CB.

    Explain that tea ball set up.
    Sounds good.

    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member

    I believe he's talking about one of these.


    ClaytonBigsby Well-Known Member

    Yes, GreatWhiteNorth, only mine is round. I just packed it with used trim and put it in a small pot on the stove, with about 1 cup of water and 1/2 cup milk. Smoke was billowing up, but not boiling, for 20 minutes. I poured the mix into a coffee mug filled with spiced cider and it was f'in amazing. The high took about 40 minutes to hit, but when it did, I was stir-fried for hours. Good times!

    PS Flo, thanks for the Rep! Me likes +rep!
    Flo Grow

    Flo Grow Well-Known Member


    imconfused Member

    I made some for the 1st time. I followed the steps but I couldn't get cheese cloth so just used a t-towel. And boy it smells and tastes like absolute shit!

    greenlight077 Active Member

    Bummer man! Find a good recipe to mask the taste.....Did you use water?... If not you could have burnt the butter and also if the plant material was sticking out in the air that could have burned too!

    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    hey ERO you re doing awesome tutorial im gonna try your techquie soon ! thanks for sharing +rep for ya


    silusbotwin Well-Known Member

    I have some butter crocking as we speak :P Thanks for the instructions PART_1327389864038.jpeg

    imconfused Member

    yea i followed the instructions given. its because i used a t-towel and not a cheese cloth. but i shall do as you said and find something to mask the task.

    my dog went threw my bin and found the canna-butter waste (the spent leaves and bud) and ate it. dude i thought she was going to die and ended up spending a night in the vets. my dog was sooo stoned she couldnt even stand up!

    RC7 Well-Known Member

    something i have always wondered is say you make a batch of brownies or whatever you mix in the butter, do some of the brownies come out stronger than others?? like one super weak then another super strong? or is this avoided by mixed the batch really well? just wondering if anybody knows the answer

    imconfused Member

    i have been a chef for 6 years and providing you mix the mix well enough they will all be the same.

    kalikushkuti Member

    I scoured the internet looking for some good info to get me started on my first batch of butter, I think I found the right place! It's slowly melting away now, so nothing to do but smoke, pray, and share ;)

    photo (1).JPG photo (2).JPG photo (3).JPG

    I used 1/2 oz of ground Sour Diesel bud, saving an extra 1/4 in case i want to go through and strengthen it later.
    1 lb of European butter, good stuff from Whole Foods, 84% butter fat. YUM.
    1 quart of water to cover and soak everything good, but may add more water - I'm concerned with the small batch that it will get too hot so I'm keeping an eye on it.

    Flying by the seat of my pants and anxious as hell time to roll one up and check the pot :)

    greenlight077 Active Member

    LOL! Thats awesome! Both that the dog is okay and what she ate:P and what did you end up using to mask the taste? I just use chocolate :lol:

    greenlight077 Active Member

    I would love to hear back! Butter is the way to medicate definitely! Don't forget to try some butter before you make brownies or cookies with it and compare how potent it is before you bake with it and after,....because they both are great.

    highgrl85 Member

    thanks i will have to try this

    imconfused Member

    that what i will try. its just sat in my fridge at the moment i cant bring myself to let any touch my taste buds lol

    DickVanDyke Member

    So I currently have this going in a 7 quart Crockpot, with a quarter of hydro and 4 sticks of butter. The thing is, I wasn't exactly sure what to do water wise so I filled it up a bit short of the top, so I'd say 5 quarts of water. I put it in at 4:30ish and have it on low, and I see some tiny bubbles around the edges, but nothing major yet. I have a pot large enough to pour this into, and was just wondering if its fine with that much water for only a pound of butter and a quarter of pot. Also, I just turned it onto the "warm" setting now as I've been reading that is better, will this mess anything up seeing as how it was on low for the first 3 hours?

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