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critical sensi star

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by cary schellie, Nov 21, 2012.

    cary schellie

    cary schellie Active Member

    Anyone ever grow critical sensi star by delicous, just started sensi star and r.p. headband from seed any advice or info
    cary schellie

    cary schellie Active Member

    no one grew out the sensi yet? Its gotta be killer...I hope.
    cary schellie

    cary schellie Active Member

    well I guess no one here grew out critical sensi star, Im a few weeks from seed, Ill post pics and report results

    Budgoro88 Well-Known Member

    I grew it out once and currently still have the RP headband cycling sensi is good stretched on me but was extra frosty def gonna need some cal mag and the headband is all different colors I love it

    ganjaman87 Well-Known Member

    No but im doing the Critical Super Silver right now from Delicious

    Juan0288 Active Member

    I just phased it out after 6-9 months in my perpetual, n I have to say it was an awesome strain. Mine was completely Sensi Star dom(no critical mass traits at all). I know that bc a friend grew Sensi for a cpl yrs ago n i love it n I love the critical SS. Mine had a lemon metallic smell?(sry it's the best way i cld think to describe it). I'm not so good at pin pointing subtle smells, but this was amazing. The buds were rock hard n the frost was out of this world crazy, like insane. It was an above avg yielder n handled nutes very well, mine was done at 49 days but the last 2 rounds I took it to 56 n it bumped up the yield a bit n gave a bit more to the stone. Top quality in everyway, n I only grew out one freebie seed I got. I tell u I'm sold on delicious seeds. Between this n the northern light blue I got, also a freebie, I ran for a cpl rounds last yr, I've got nothin but fire ffrom them. Mine was very N.L. dom n was very frosty n dense too. But I def liked the SS better. Good luck w.u n urs.
    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman Well-Known Member

    I grew a 5 pack of Super star by delta 9, it was really nice indica/sativa mix very frosty with lemony honey smell when broken up, stinky in flower. supposed to be a sensi star ibl. very heady stone, definitely cut it at around week 8 for a more clear head high. good yield. critical sensi star is likely a better yielder. probably 80%+ indica in that hybrid. can't go wrong with some sensi star.
    cary schellie

    cary schellie Active Member

    thanks for the replies, I wanted to get paradise sensi star but the wanted 22 usd per seed, delicious had the crit sensi for around 10 bucks.

    themanwiththeplan Well-Known Member

    ive grown the paradise version. it was top notch indica stoniness. grows short and squat like an indica should. VERY heavy on the trich production. strong scent. good for sleep/relaxation

    its good stuff. id grow it again.

    ive always been interested in the critical line (since they have so many strains crossed with it). ive also grown critical+ from dinafem. im not sure thats the same genetics they used for what you have but let me also take this chance to highly recommend that strain from dinafem. lots and lots of buds (think big bud) but potent! covered in trichs. wonderful smell in flowering (kind of fruity/fuel smelling). heavy yielder (4 oz per plant for me)

    anything dinafem has been good in my experience. i want to try their california hash plant. seems good and comparable to sensi star (its 90% indica)

    another good one from dinafem is original amnesia. yields well and extremely potent. 2 hitter quitter. smoke a bowl and get paranoid. lol. its sativa dom but also an absolute treat.

    GreenThumbsMcgee Well-Known Member

    im currently doing a Critical sensi star, and its about finished. looks good too I might add. most have said it finishes spot on the recommended flower time, but I am finding that not to be so in my case. i'm at day 50, and breeder says 56 days I believe. anyone else find their trichs not finished yet at day 56? I have a feeling they aren't gonna cloud over in 6 days, but....idk, I could be wrong. id still like to hear any input on the Crit sensi star if anyone has advice I am all ears.

    GreenThumbsMcgee Well-Known Member

    oh, now that I look back on the dates of your guys' comments, I'd say I was a little late to the conversation. haha,...well heres to seeing who is still paying attention~ ha cheers
    King Arthur

    King Arthur Well-Known Member

    I have a CSS in the veg tent right now, she almost 3 weeks old seedling. :D good to see someone is liking it because everyone else is quiet about it.

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