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Critical Plus

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by subyboy, Feb 10, 2011.


    subyboy Member

    can anyone give me any info on critical plus? best light cycle. yield, coco or soil, taste.. worth a go or not?


    bblunt Well-Known Member

    Check out my smoke report! As for light cycle, I did standard 20/4 -> 12/12 in soil. Finished quickly, in like 7-8 weeks. I grew one feminized seed and it gave big, fat colas, and the smell after curing is a very nice spicy-hashy-menthol flavor. The taste is similar, but more floral. A nice even head-body high, but puts me to sleep real easy. I like it, and I'm trying another seed for my next run.
  3. Love the strain! Easy to grow.Use only 30-40% of recommended nutes.Flowers in 6-7weeks.Nice tops but low yield.Good sleeping aid.Easy to clone.Also try Moby Dick from Dinafem.Great yield,Great taste.

    subyboy Member

    thanks for your replys people. although i was informed the yield from this strain was quite large? schnozzleberry what light were you using ? and how small was you yield ???

    peace ..

    Zcomfort Active Member

    I have also read that critical plus is a high yeilder. Also on dinafem's(creator) website they say it is an auto. So Im on 18/6, and bud sites are forming slowly.. Im almost a week into flowering though.

    Zcomfort Active Member

    Also, if Im right you shouldn't be able to take clones cause technicaly the clones are the same age as the plant. I don't know, I'm just going buy what I have read about autos
    Angry Pollock

    Angry Pollock Well-Known Member

    don,t think critical+ he is talking about is the auto-flower
    Anita Bhonghitt

    Anita Bhonghitt Active Member

    I didn't know they made an auto version of that, but the original were non-auto fem seeds. I grew one out and it had a great yield and was a good (but not great) smoke. Which makes sense since it's a re-worked Big Bud.

    I've tried the Cali Hash Plant and Moby Dick from Dinafem as well. Both of those were decent too. I've got a Power Kush from them going now and I'm looking forward to how it turns out.

    Zcomfort Active Member

    If someone can correct me if I'm wrong. I would like to be let in the light. Cause all I found is on dinafem's website. Crumble, and Anita, the reason the yeild an the high, flavor, etc didn't turn out as you like might be due to using 12/12 and not 18/6. Like I said, what I know about autos comes from reading some these autoflower threads.

    subyboy Member

    no the critical plus i am interested in isn't the auto flowering breed. its all under way now anyways so here is hoping. started 18,6 and will continue untill 6 weeks and look at the situ again as dinafem claim will be ready in sixty days???? can anyone shed any light on that time scale??


    Barrelhse Well-Known Member


    Tenz Member

    I have a critical plus running outdoor now. I got it from attitude seed bank. It was a throw in freebie. I had NO idea the seed was an auto flower. I just started reading this thread so I looked into the dinafem site. There is NO reference to Critical Plus being anything other than an auto-flower. I assumed (newbie) that when I planted it; it was a regular feminized seed. I never researched it. It is not listed at attitude and the site is in spanish. I am surprised at this. However it looks for sure to be an auto flower strain. I have it going outside and it is my fastest growing plant. Interesting development reading this thread. I'm acutally kind of pleased. We shall see. I know I will not panic if it goes into flower early. The initial research I did on the strain mentioned it finishing fast in mid September.

    napoleon Active Member

    dinafems critical plus is not an autoflower.

    kushinabush Member

    theres an af, fem and a regular

    Ztelthy Active Member

    Hi, I am doing a Dyna-Fem 'Critical Plus' Feminised plant ..(not auto.) :) I'll add a few pics... shes in Veg still @ 60 days... she's in a 35L DWC Container, and is powered by Canna Aqua nuites etc.. +5 ml of Super thrive.

    I have her under 1X 250W Phillips MH, 2X 125W 6500k CFL's and 2X 45W 6500K CFL's total Wattage : 590W (For Veg) .. I have another lighting rig for Flower :)



    Below I'll add a LINK to my Thread where I have more details etc on this grow :-


    I've been having probs displaying pics.. I never used to have this prob... let me know if you can see the pics and Ill add a few more :)

    She has been under 18/6 photo-period/lighting schedule and is going to be huge when she starts Flowering :) !!!

    I plan to Veg her for between 2.5 and 3 Months depending how fast she grows.. she'll be Lolly popped to screen level, bent to the right, then topped at every node, then the main stems will be Super-Cropped and fed back under the Scrog screen.. (to and across the left of the screen)

    She'll also be treated to a dose of UV-B which will be gradually increased until the last week of flower..

    She'll be flushed with just PH balanced water at 20oC..

    ****The only thing I'd like to ask is :- "WHAT IS THE ACTUAL RECOMMENDED FLOWERING TIME ???" ALL THE WEB SITES SEEM TO HAVE A CONFLICTING VIEWS...I need input from others that have previously grown this strain.... ???

    Please let me/us know asap, Cheers - ZTELTHY :leaf:

    frunzulita Active Member

    i like to see some photos , the link is invalid , any update ?

    stay safe
    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member

    DF Critical+ on 3 separate occasions - all freebies. found it to be easy and reliable - practically grows itself to an above avg yield. rate the smoke as decent. Would be good for commercial purposes.

    ounevinsmoke Well-Known Member

    I've done critical+ both hydro and DWC (same nutes and plant, cloned) as well as soil. My hydro never had a yellow leaf the whole life cycle which was three week veg and 45 days flower. My DWC I burned, leaving nutes in for more than 2 weeks and it recovered and finshed nicely with a little damage to leaves at 45 days flower. My soil grow had the most leaf damage but my soil grow skills are admittedly sub par with how I should feed but it by far had the best buds after curing the smell was much more robust still only 45 days flower. The plants clones will last for a long period of time before showing signs of stress, but they root fast. Its sturdy and solid and takes a beating well. The smoke is not the strongest, but its sure is an easy plant start to finish. Easier than others I should say. I heard about a purple pheno but I have been cloning and using the same plant for months. I stressed a clone enough to where it began to purp a bit on the leaves and new growth but I expect that to disappear soon. Overall it stays short matures fast without any stretch for me and has fat rock hard buds. Really not just a description its true. I heard this was a dinafem version of critical mass by Mr. Nice seed. Mr. Nice seed is a very reputable breeder.

    Scroga Well-Known Member

    No stretch you say?

    ounevinsmoke Well-Known Member

    We have actually been discussing this plant in the Dinafem thread. There was one person who said he got a strecthy pheno, but for me its slow veg and fast bud formation in flower. Once I flip to 12/12 it starts flowering by day 3.

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