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Critical Kush in new grow room! Barneys Farm on Hydrotops

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by overvolt, Jan 11, 2014.


    overvolt New Member

    Hi all, here's my first grow in my new grow room. Recently moved from a caravan grow to indoors in a unit. Made from a stud 2x2 timber frame and panelled out with 18mm OSB board. All lined with 100mm kingspan insulation then finished in Airflex space wrap insulation. 2 big extractors and two big extractors in reverse to make inlets.
    I divided the setup into two rooms. One 1.2m x 1.5m for flowering and the other 600mm x 1.5m for veg. Hoping to keep the cycle going giving a yield every 4-6 weeks.

    Now onto my Critical Kush

    This is my first ever journal on here. Have been growing for 18years or so, so thought I'd share this one with you all.

    What I'm running are as follows!

    600w hps for 'grow' room
    600w hps for 'flowering' room
    25L pots to transplant to
    Erin sphagnum moss peat (tomato gro' bags at £2.50 per bag!)
    Canna clay balls to line pot trays
    Perlite at 50/50 mix with soil
    Hydrotops nutrients as follows: Root stim, Solo Grow SW, Solo Soil Bloom, Solo Soil Boost. (Not yet on shelves this is nute trial period from company)

    So... I decided that CK was the way to go on this new set up. Got the seeds delivered from Seedsman Seeds... All was good so far! Soaked seeds until they had cracked open then transplanted to soil. This is we're the problems started!

    I fired my old germination box up... I've had it for years and has had virtually 100% success rate from when I made it. It's an oblong chipboard box, lined with kingspan even at the bottom. Then trayed builders DPM and filled with canna clay balls to make humidity. It's powered using a fluorescent tube and the heat the ballast gently makes is just right for seedlings or cuttings to enjoy the warm moist ;) evaporation from the clay pebbles
    image.jpg image.jpg .
    After transplanting the seeds to the soil, only 5 out of the 10 survived. Oddly, the failed seeds only kept to their split state with a tiny shoot protruding and stayed like that until they turned to mush.

    However the other 5 have grown along well, I have no idea what caused them to do this. I'm not sure if its Barneys farm as the seeds did look a bit small and green, like they were not quite fully matured seeds... At least I got £35 worth of the £70. Gutted but let's see how they do!!!

    may I also add that I am posting this a little late and the plants are currently 1 week under HPS so I will post pics in a mo of when I first put them under!

    I hope you've enjoyed so far! Big loves!

    overvolt New Member

    Here are a few updated pics of the plants about to go under the 600w HPS. Feel free to contact me or ask questions! :bigjoint:

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    MedicatedGrow Active Member

    You're going to be a very happy camper.

    I suggest a top then a fim 2 weeks later.

    overvolt New Member

    Thanks MedicatedGrow! I've always been an old skool grower. I'm not old by all means lol, but given a situation arise in most garden plants, I can, 95% of the time cure or figure out whats going on in a plant and fix it. But I let things grow as they will!
    However.... I'm not all that clued up on tequniques to increase yield. So could you explain the best way and safest way to fim please?

    A friend did it for me way back when me and the family went to India on holiday and never quizzed him on what he did lol. But it was the last grow of the strain and the yield was increased a bit.

    All new knowledge greatly received and thanks in advance!

    MedicatedGrow Active Member


    overvolt New Member

    Cheers mate, it made good reading. Think I will do this then! CK is quite a yielding plant though, would FIMing cause breakages in the stems?
    also you said to top the FIM... Isn't Topping the same?

    MedicatedGrow Active Member

    No, topping creates 2 main stems which will increase your yield as long as you have the light penetration.

    1 main stem turns into 2 main stems which = a ton more side branches and 2 main colas.

    I would top at 1 month (If you plant to veg for at least 1 1/2 months.
    Then FIM 2 weeks later.

    This will cause any and all small side branches to want to catch up to the highest cola, thus creating a ton of large colas.
    Just use bambo sticks or string to hold up these colas about week 5-6 into flowering, unless you have a good fan running 24/7 which would cause the stems to fatten and harden up.

    I have a weak fan so my stems were sort of weakish more like rubber than wood, so they wobbled a lot.

    CK is a VERY high yielder so you should have some fun. Just remember if you have the room and space, to open all the branches outward so more light gets inside, or you can train your CK with tieing it down in certain ways to get more light.

    overvolt New Member

    Ok mate, thanks for the info... I will defiantly have a go at that then! Sounds a fun experiment lol. Il be posting pics so maybe you could keep a look out and let me know if I'm doing right!
    Il be having some good fans on the go indeed... I'm hitting 80'F in there sometimes. Think I heat stressed them after first putting them under! Was hoping for 9 plants under a 1000HPS like I have done before but I think 5 will be enough!
    cheers man!

    overvolt New Member

    Hi all who may be following this! :lol:

    My lessons were felt when I didn't take notice of my improved insulation in the room. Having not dialled the room in yet, I managed to heat stress the poor little girls.
    I kept the light higher in case but I really should have kept the lamp on first for a good while to monitor heat levels. Came back in the morning to find the poor things looking a bit worse for wear. Luckily they have recovered and a couple of fans have been put in until I can buy a couple of 12" for each corner of the room.

    I'm mixing 10ml of root stim and 5ml of grow per litre of water then oxygenating it before each feed.
    They seem to be enjoying what I'm giving them at the mo!

    roll on the next couple of months! ;-)

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    overvolt New Member

    Last night I gave them a feed, Hydrotops Grow and Rootstim. It's their second feed so far. Today I noticed the new growth doing the twist n shout! They were reaching for the sky but twisting the leafs. Having not used Hydrotops before I guessed at 10ml per 2litres. I've done this with Biobizz Grow at 3mls but its thicker... WAY thicker than the Hydrotops grow. So thought it would be okay. Chucked in 10mls of Rootstim that stinks of shit!
    Knowing that my hydro shop have used this before I thought a call would be in order.

    Uh ohh spaghettioooh!!!

    ....turns out I've been over nuteing! I've been giving them full strength that would be fit for the last week/s of veg! I should be doing. Should be 6mls to every 2 litres! They seem to have withstood it last night. I flushed them with plain water and probably will till Thursday or Friday now.
    The nutes seem good but it would have been nice to have been given a feeding schedule seeing that the bottles had nothing on them apart from a small sticker saying 'HYDRoToPs Solo Soil SW'
    Let's see what happens next!

    MedicatedGrow Active Member

    80F is not hot at all, that is just how my girls have been liking it from Veg to Flower, although you may have different phenos.

    The issue may be how close your lights are, they should be more than a foot away at this point you don't need them to be so close.

    Make sure you have more outtake than intake as well.

    overvolt New Member

    Really? In all my grows, my heat levels have always kept at 70-75f tops. Just naturally I've not deliberately kept it at that. In this setup I went OTT on the insulation as I'm growing in a work unit, admittedly on the farm in the sticks but want to keep IR temps to a minimum as we are indirectly under an MOD flight path and Swalec like to IR the power lines once a year around us (idk why weirdly)
    I do have shit extraction though, I'm using 2 high flow 3" extractors but need a really good 100mm pro one and be done with it, or even two maybe.

    The tops or highest part of the plants are 18" away from the bottom of the shade. Should be enough shouldn't it? but did look in on way to house and after 15mins on, temps were 75f already. I have seen it up to 84f

    overvolt New Member

    Hi everyone, or those interested in my thread (which arnt many lol) thought I'd make an update.
    having thought that Hydrotops was pants... Well, I repotted the girls into 25l pots and 30l ones and a runt I thought deserved an experiment into what I believe is a 50l pot. I fed them root stim and grow but was called away with work.
    i left the grow up to my brother who only had to water.
    i came back on Sunday to have found that the girls have grown from approximately 9 inches to 2 foot girls! And three times their width.
    was a great surprise!!!
    so... Cutting to be taken in next few days. I've turned them now to 12/12 so let's see what happens!!!
    photos to follow when I get them off my iPhone!

    overvolt New Member


    overvolt New Member

    Here are some pics of after turning my CK into 12/12
    i took cuttings 2 days ago, rooted them into coco mass with clonex so here's hoping they will ketch!
    hope you all like the pics!

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    overvolt New Member

    3weeks into flower, on 5ml bloom, 5ml boost, 1ml grow and 10ml bioponic rootstim per litre.
    looking rather good so far. Just brought a 9 big pot Atami system for crop after next. The clones are doing great now.. Was an utter arse to get them to root, i have to admit, CK really aren't a happy cloner. Had about 75% success rate on these.
    Anyways... Enjoy the pics!

    Just realised that my mrs took a photo of my arse crack as i clime under the canopy to water the plants at the back!!!

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    overvolt New Member

    Well.... To all my thousands of followers! Lol here are my girls at week 7!
    I dropped the Grow and been feeding 5ml Boost and 5ml Bloom, went up to 8ml Boost as they are loving the high Potassium content of the stuff, so will be upping to 10ml tomorrow!
    Hope you like the piccies!!!

    Picture 012.jpg Picture 013.jpg Picture 019.jpg Picture 020.jpg Picture 021.jpg Picture 023.jpg Picture 026.jpg Picture 027.jpg Picture 029.jpg Picture 028.jpg Picture 035.jpg Picture 036.jpg

    More to come!!!
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