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crispy leaves

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by hubba, Feb 2, 2011.


    hubba Well-Known Member

    i was wondering if there could be anything esle besides hight temps that causes crispy leaves. the leaves i am talking about r also folding in half, like each finger is foldin at the main vein.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Are the leaves folding/rolling under? If so are the leaves themselves curved down, like if you held your hand out and turned your finger down? Are the leaves folding/rolling upward? Is there any discoloration, any bluish or purplish or reddish color showing anywhere on the leaves? Are the leaves very dark green but a dull green? Is there any necrosis, brown patches or spots? If so are they between the veins? Are the veins dark green? Where on the plant(s) did this begin, lower, middle, upper? Is it the large fan leaves, smaller leaves or all leaves? Have you noticed any change in the amount of water used, as in the plant(s) using less water than in the past, needing to be watered less frequently? How old are your plants? Have you been fertilizing them? If so with what and how often and in what amounts? Do you know what your pH is? Are you growing in soil, hydro or aero? How high are your temperatures?

    Can you post a clear picture of a leaf or a few leaves that are affected and also one of an entire plant?

    We need a lot more info to be able to answer your question with anything more than just saying, yes, there are things other than high temperatures that could cause what you are seeing.

    hubba Well-Known Member

    ok id like to start by saying ive read lots of ur posts n im happy to have u reply to my question. theres no real curling going on besides the folding. the leaves r very dark green but have always been that way kinda look oily too. the plant is pretty deep into flowering at least 9 weeks. i feed it flora bloom by gh. it started at the top but the main reason i think its not heat stress is cuz i had a plant that was closer to the light that had no problems. im growing in ffof. there is a little bit of bron on one top set of leaves but its in like a random spot n the edges r not brown like they would be if it was heat stress. n from what i hear from u u would never post any pics on this website that are r own. ;)
    Mother's Finest

    Mother's Finest Well-Known Member

    Do your leaves look like this?:

    View attachment 1419391

    Curling under, as well as thin, dry feeling leaf material are both symptoms of Potassium deficiency like that shown in the above pic.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    Is what you are seeing something like in either of the pictures below, though possibly, or likely, not as severe?



    That is right. Most people are not nearly as cautious as I am so I thought you might be one of those who aren't..

    Another question. Did the brown spots/necrosis begin as light faded spots or did they just begin a s small 'rust' colored spots. You said they are on the upper leaves.Is there any sign of change/discoloration seen at all on middle or lower leaves/large fan leaves etc., or are there only signs of a problem on the top leaves?

    hubba Well-Known Member

    they are folded more severly like each finger isalmost completely folded. theres only like a brown spot on one leave kinda like a >< shape with the brown cextending from the middle out but its very little. i have already harvested bcuz it was late in flowering n i didnt want butrnt buds but i would still like to know what was up. also i have a clone of what my friend said was purple dragon? on the bottom leaves im starting to get lil rust colored spots. im thinking it may be from overfeeding tho as its starting from the bottom. i will try to post pics when i get a good camera but any advice will be helpful for now.

    Hotsause Well-Known Member

    Thats also why you have 4 replies....

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