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creeper weed

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by fonzirelli, Nov 24, 2008.


    fonzirelli Well-Known Member

    so ive been researching creeper weed. all anybody can tell me is how it fucked them up and how good it is. the last time i had creeper is 7 years ago. i smoked a gram in about 10 minutes, usual story, thought i got ripped off, but this shit took a half hour to do anything at all, and when it hit me it literally felt like a brick wall hit me and it knocked me back off my feet. i want that shit. whatever strand that is. if anybody can find out please tell me. i dont care what it costs.:finger:

    ontariogrower Well-Known Member


    Boneman Well-Known Member

    Ahhhhh your talking like long island iced tea. Can drink several of them and still think your good to go until you stand up....then its flat on your face heh?

    Yeah bro, I want to know what strain will do that too.

    GlassFreak Well-Known Member

    hey man i grow white widow and it is a creeper if no other... i grew one plant only got like 3 8ths.. bad lights... n e way everyone i smoked it with was fine for about 15 20 minutes and then people started getting the fealling were theyre heads fealt like 50 lbs. its the best creeper ive ever had and i highly recomend it for growth.
    Token Everyday

    Token Everyday Active Member

    green crack had the effect on me i was somkin it then like 20 minutes later it put me in a tail spin

    bluetick Well-Known Member

    Crack killed Apple Jack. Stick to the herbs and forget everything else. Oh, maybe some Samual Adams. :-P I have a dislike for creeper weed myself but enjoy watching others 'hit the brick wall' from time to time.
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    predator0187 Well-Known Member

    I'll second both green crack and WW!! I really like creeper bud so I welcome it with open arms!!:leaf::leaf:

    tyeee Well-Known Member

    First time with green crack, i was spinnin in no time...def. creeper....

    ontariogrower Well-Known Member

    this is a list from an old post I found on here

    white russian

    Arjan's haze

    White Widow
    White Rhino


    Hash plant

    wildfire97936 Well-Known Member

    in some hippy aged grow journals they say cropping when its still a lil under mature gives it a creeper high...anyone heard of this before too?

    fonzirelli Well-Known Member

    close to that a lot of strains with the creeper effect, will still get you a buzz on the first hit. and then it progressively gets stronger without you smokin any. im specfically talkin about when you smoke like an eighth to the face and you think you just smoked some straight up fake shit. and then like a half hour later youre thinkin "what the fuck this shit is fake" still without the slightest hint of a buzz, and after that wham! you feel like u just injected pure thc in your heart. and that high is stronger than any white widow ive ever smoked i swear to pot.:weed:

    fonzirelli Well-Known Member

    so i believe i found something. appearantly the creeper effect depends on when you harvest. if you harvest late, the thc starts to turn into cbn(think thats right), and its that chemical in weed that, the more it has, the longer it takes to hit you. and in my own personal experiences, the longer it takes to hit u, the harder itll hit you, which makes sense, cause the best weed i ever smoked in my life look like some bullshit nasty ass dirtweed. and thats the creeper i was talkin about. a fucking cigarette will get you more stoned than this shit...but 30-40 mins later, dude i really thought someone ran into me, and then beat the shit out of me with the stoned stick. oh and i just remembered, after that it was doin the same thing every 2 hours or so, about 8 hours after i smoke and that was the only thing i smoked all day. so i pretty much got ripped outta my mind for over 8 hours for only 10 bucks for 1 gram which i smoked all at once...aaahhh memories...

    milkdawg69 Active Member

    lol green crack is a strand of pot :P GC WEED :D

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